Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Europe has attempted to halt a demographic crash through socialistic legislation designed to stave off the muslim onslaught and increase its native population. Germany and other countries have begun paying women to have children and also provide nationalized child care. Although well intentioned, wisdom is lacking as to the source and solution. Because these laws are based upon a socialistic agenda, rather than bringing about lasting and necessary changes in the hearts and mind of its people --they will instead deepen the problem.

Paying women to have children is strictly an economic motivator and cannot achieve lasting generational changes that are needed for a society to continue to welcome children. Economic incentives do not make nurturing mothers and committed fathers. A self-giving, sacrificial mindset is required to rear children properly.

The children that are a product of these economic incentives are bought by the state, and then handed back over to the state at six weeks old. This is so mommy and daddy can work to pay for the state’s heavy, anti-family, tax burden that supports and furthers the government's agenda.

So many on the enlightened left want to dismiss the family as unnecessary to the preservation of civilization. They rally around government funded daycare, claiming that it will assist families and reduce their economic burden. But nationalized daycare is not only directly opposed to the preservation of the family, and ultimately civilization, but it increases the financial burden on a family through taxation. This undermines the ability of young couples to see past the shackles of government provided and subsidized contraceptives.

So many of our modern social conundrums emanate from this "benevolent nanny state".

“Socialists, Communists, and Nihilists...strive to uproot the foundations of civilized society.” Pope Leo XIII

"The main tenet of socialism, namely the community of good, must be rejected without qualification, for it would injure those it pretends to benefit, it would be contrary to the natural rights of man and would introduce confusion and disorder into the commonwealth." Pope Pius XI.

Socialism has blurred the lines of the sexes, and has indeed brought about confusion as to the God-given roles of men and women. As G.K. Chesterton said--the battle of the sexes is over-- women have conceded that the man’s role is better by assuming it. Women have lost their maternal instinct and men have lost their commitment and masculinity. The state buys the child, replaces the Mother, rocks the cradle, and has made the father dispensible through its economic freebies.

A deep and profound change is necessary in the souls of these nations to prevent a demographic crash. Women must abandon the feminist lies and the drudgery of office work over the rearing of their own children. Men must again become men-- committed to their indispensable role. And together they must reject the shackles of socialism and the contraceptive mentality.

This may seem highly unlikely, but nothing is impossible for God. Everything is impossible for Socialism--except the destruction of civilization.