Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Yet another reason why parents are at war with our culture to preserve the innocence of our youth. Here is an admission from a British teachers union that our youth is being corrupted by materialism and commercialization. When the left-leaning leaders of public education in the West admit a cultural problem you can be sure that it is much worse than they perceive and report.

A culture that embraces sin will not tolerate innocence. Like an alcoholic that seeks the company of other drinkers, the materialistic and oversexed are all too anxious to share their love of sin with children. Further, the indiscriminate participation of our children in the lowest forms of our culture inevitably results in the perversion of childhood.

As a mother of five children seven and under, I can attest to the difficulty of finding modest clothes for little girls. Also, in speaking with acquantances who opted for public schools for their children, they are all in agreement, that children are growing up, or should I say are being corrupted, at very early ages. The teenage attitudes and the accompanying rebellion have backed up into adolescent years.

The following are excerpts from an
article in the Daily Express:

"Big business is forcing children to grow up too quickly, teachers claim.
They say youngsters are bombarded with advertising for junk food and products which are “inappropriate”.

"The National Union of Teachers (NUT), which wants tighter controls on advertising that targets children, made the assessment at the start of its annual conference in Harrogate.

"It has launched a report highlighting what it believes is the commercialisation of childhood. Teachers at the conference complained that adverts encourage children to use “pester power” on their parents.

"Steve Sinnott, NUT general secretary, said some products being marketed to children were not suitable.

"Mr Sinnott cited examples of Tesco selling a pole-dancing kit and Asda selling black and pink lace lingerie and a push-up bra for nine-year-olds which he said “shortens” their childhood.

“Society is changing,” he said. “Some of it is for the better, some of it is not. These are examples of things which are not for the better.”

"The NUT, Britain’s biggest teachers union, is calling for a ban on all forms of advertising in schools and all marketing which promotes unhealthy food and drink to children. Its new charter, Growing Up In A Material World, was published at the conference.

"The union warned that many children felt pressurised into developing the perfect body, with teenage boys resorting to taking steroids and girls developing eating disorders and wearing sexualised clothing and make-up.

"The charter reads: “A disturbing aspect of children’s awareness of their body image is the trend for pre-teenage girls in particular to wear inappropriate and sexually provocative clothes and make-up."

Here is more from the same British public school system that generated the above report. From the Brussels Journal:

"One of the worst examples of this destructive intervention in family life is the sex education system that has been imposed on [British] schools. […] Not very long ago the Daily Telegraph ran a whole-page story headlined, Outrage over explicit sex lessons. Education correspondent John Clare described parents’ anger at 12-year-old children being given explicit sex lessons...

"Now another government-funded agency...has launched a “Schools Sex Manual”, subtitled “Nice Girls have Sex”. There is also a full colour booklet...for 13-year-olds called “The Good Grope Guide”. Is it any wonder that underage sex, childhood pregnancy and child abortion continue to increase under this British government?

"Brock Chisholm, the Canadian doctor who became Director-General of the World Health Organisation, decreed that children should be freed from national, religious and other cultural prejudices inflicted on them by their parents. He advocated that classroom sex education should be introduced, “eliminating the ways of the elders by force if necessary.”

"It is high time parents hit back and insisted on knowing what is being taught their children in secret and behind their backs. And let’s give children back their innocence."