Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Like so many nations, New Zealand is putting tremendous resources into determining why young people are not having babies. At least in New Zealand they seem to have touched upon the obvious as the source of the problem

In new book, entitled The New Zealand Family From 1840: A Demographic History, Janet Sceats and her husband of 45 years, Professor Ian Pool, argue society is failing both those would-be mothers and parents who feel guilty about the parenting compromises they were forced to make to maintain careers.

"In many ways New Zealand has failed its families...Family policy instruments and the socio-economic environment, rather than coming to the aid of the family, may be exacerbating the situation and putting undue pressure on households."

So they have rightly concluded that socialistic tools have not worked and have actually harmed families. Beyond that-- here is where the "genius" comes:

"The prime facilitator of these changes has been the contraceptive pill. Apart from allowing couples to postpone childbearing, the pill also had an impact on marriage. Whereas fewer than 10 per cent of women born in the 1940s lived with a partner before age 25 without marrying, 60 per cent of those born in the 1960s did so.
And where marriage had once been the "valve" that turned on childbearing, just living together was not."

One never hears that the West's demographic crisis is caused by the contraceptive pill. Rather there is usually a diabolical blindness and/or avoidance of the real source of the problem. But the wisdom does not stop there...

"Ironically, Sceats says, women have won "reproductive choice" in terms of the right not to have children - but now see the right to choose to have children slipping away from them.

"Think about all the energy that went into enabling people to control fertility," she says. "Now we have some people who would actually like to have kids but will end up not having children, and we don't put so much energy into that."