Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The battle for the minds and innocence of children rages on across the globe. In Spain this fall the government will begin a new program called "education for citizenship" based entirely upon secularism--no surprise there. The program claims to teach values consistent with a modern, diverse democracy ie., it puts heterosexuality on an equal footing with homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

"According to Victorino Mayoral, a Socialist lawmaker... involved in crafting the course, [says] students will receive a mix of ethics, civics and study of human rights. "[T]he course will cover issues ranging from domestic violence to dangerous driving...But the course will also deal with issues like gender, sexuality and the family, and the church is up in arms.

"Catholic bishops say the new course usurps the family's freedom to shape a child's morality and will impart values that in some instances diverge radically from [Christianity]. The [bishops have] called on parents to protest the new syllabus by any legitimate means, and several bishops have called for a boycott."

In an open letter to his parishioners in July, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, archbishop of Toledo, said the course would force society to accept "a particular vision of man that diverges from the reality of man and from the Christian vision."

Cardinal María Rouco Varela, archbishop of Madrid, called the course a "serious problem" because it aims to "shape the individual, which is not the remit of the state."
Varela also stated, "[t]he course "clashes with the fundamental principles of the Constitution and with the right of parents to choose their children's moral instruction".

Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero countered last month by warning the bishops that "no faith is above the law" and said it was society's job to "teach citizens the values of respect" and harmony.

"There are a lot of people who don't want their children to think there are five types of sexuality, five types of family", said Alfonso Aguiló, a Catholic headmaster and head of the Madrid Association of Private Education Companies.

Aguiló argues that individual morality is being supplanted by secular dogma. "The government cannot say, 'There is no religion, the only religion is my religion: secularism,' " he said.

He and other critics say the course smacks of classes in "formation of the national spirit" that were obligatory school fodder under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

What is at the heart of this new Spanish "national spirit"?

Spain's socialist regime seeks the attainment of an earthly Messianic society which can only be imagined in the minds of those that reject original sin and the need for man's redemption. But this Messianic society can only be achieved when the influence of the Church is eradicated.

The promotion of homosexuality and destruction of traditional marriage is critical to the growth and spread of Secularism. The Secularists sharpen the antagonisms between the Church and the populace through a breakdown of traditional morality. This results in hostility toward the Church since the two cannot coexist--just as lightness and darkness cannot coexist.

Apparently the plan is succeeding: In a July survey by the Center for Sociological Research in Madrid, 77 percent of respondents described themselves as Catholics, but only 16 percent of those said they went to church every week - and 55 percent said they almost never went. Spain is now home to an estimated million Muslims and more than a million Evangelicals and Protestants.

Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, warned Catholicism could soon become a "minority faith", and added, "We live in a society threatened and affected by the loss of hope which suffers from the loss of memory of the Christian inheritance."
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