Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Our culture is immersed in temporal and material cares while we abandon our children to state run schools that have adopted all sorts of godless agendas. While we are consumed by consumerism, and absorbed into the culture, our children are robbed of the truth and beauty of a life of Faith. It is time that we take our children back and stop our complicity in the slaughter of any remaining innocence in this world.

Pope Pius XI stated in
Christian Education of Youth: “...[C]hildren are actually being torn from the bosom of the family to be formed (or to speak more accurately, to be deformed and depraved), in the godless schools and associations, to irreligion and hatred..thus is renewed in a real and more terrible manner the slaughter of the innocents.”

Parents are under a grave obligation to provide for the religious and moral education of their children. (Code of Canon Law of 1917, Canon 1113) We will be judged as parents by how we rear our children. Because of this clear teaching, we can no longer deny that the environment of most public schools with their aggressive sex “education” programs, pro-homosexual social clubs, and the muzzling of all mention of God, is indeed deadly to the souls of our youth. Yet we have swallowed the entire concept of State-dominated indoctrination of our children-- hook, line and sinker. What effect does an education which is silent about our Creator, and the purpose of our existence have on a child's character? Ignorance of such matters can only breed proud fools.

But go back in time less than a century and there were still voices questioning and even condemning the entire notion of a free compulsory secular education for the masses. One such critic was Hilaire Belloc who stresses over and over in
Survivals and New Arrivals that the authority to educate children rests with the parents and not the state.

“As between the family and the State, Catholic doctrine is fixed. The family is the unit. The parent is the natural authority...The State is secondary to the family, and especially in the matter of forming a child’s character by education."

So many parents seem to be brainwashed into believing that the State has legitimate authority over the formation of children. But the “State of today flatly contradicts Catholic doctrine. It says to the parent ‘What you will for your child must yield to what I will. If our wills are coincident, well and good. If not yours must suffer. I am master.”

Belloc goes on to say:
“Compulsory universal instruction...clashes with every canon of Catholic social ethics, even in its compulsion, even in its universality, but especially in its choice in what it call essentials.

“[I]t should be evident that how things are taught even things which have no direct relation with religious teaching, makes all the difference to the effect of an education. The teaching as a whole must be Catholic or non-Catholic. You cannot make a school which shall not be one or the other."

Any home-schooling mother can attest to the fact that there is room for God in every subject. The existence of God and man's relation with Him enriches every subject, provides practical effect to the instruction, and adds depth that cannot be obtained in a God-sanitized classroom.

With respect to this Belloc states:
“It is one of the sure tests of stupidity in those who discuss this matter when they put forward the plea that religion cannot come into the teaching of arithmetic; the very same people would violently object to having their own children taught arithmetic by one of whose morals and outlooks they disapproved.

“But arithmetic is not the only thing taught. Some kind of morals must be taught. And here a violent issue arises...for the order in which you teach morals makes all the difference.

“Are you going to teach children that excessive consumption of liquor is the prime evil of life? Are you going to teach them that consideration for others is the highest duty of man? Are you going to teach them that kindness to animals is among the highest of virtues?

"...[T]he point is in what order are you going to teach them? What relative importance are you going to give them? Everything turns on that. With one set of proportions you produce one type of character, with another, another."

What kind of characters are we producing when God and His commands are not spoken of while tolerance toward perverse lifestyles is demanded? And what type of character is produced where relativism reigns, and absolute truth is a fiction for the "intolerant"?

“The wisest observers now clearly perceive that if compulsory elementary universal instruction be captured and used to a certain end it can completely transform the character of all society.”

Thus, “the elementary school, mastered by the lay state, and imposing its instruction by compulsion, is of its nature hostile to the Faith...How hostile we can see by observing that it has produced and continues to nourish the “Modern Mind”.

"A uniform and compulsory system has for its first and main effect
uniformity. It produces to a pattern. It fills the millions of a nation (at the age when the mind is being fixed) with one set of ideas to the exclusion of others...A body of national teachers comes into being and will be informed with a corporate spirit. They will be trained in all in much the same fashion to the same fixed "standards"and with the same ends in view. They will teach under a vast bureaucracy and to ends set by them by an army of inspectors, examiners and departmental officials."

"You have, therefore, here one essential condition of the "Modern Mind"; its lack of diversity; its mechanical deadness.

"For the most part what is not emphasized is not believed to exist. Often from its unfamiliarity, that which is a stranger to education in childhood is thought incredible by the grown man."

The Modern Mind has been achieved and it is decidedly intolerant of Christianity and the notion of absolute truth. The radical homosexual agenda has pervaded the education bureaucracy and is in the process of destroying our children's innocence and effecting the morality of our society for generations to come. At least when the Innocents were slaughtered in biblical times they were martyred, now the state kills the souls of its children and permits their bodies to live in order to further the spread of its error.

In the face of a mundane, beauracratic, mass-produced educational system that produces non-thinking clones for the State--how dare those who partake of this twisted and perverse system accuse those who home-school of failing to "socialize" their children. Socialization in the public school system is nothing more than drinking the Kool-aid of de-formation and depravity. Oh and learning how to use the F-word!!