Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Persecution of Christians is intensifying in Pakistan. There seems to be no end to the reports of Muslim on Christian violence. Christians are being driven from their homes, while Islamic legislation that would subject males to a death sentence for conversion to Christianity is gaining acceptance. Pakistan's Christians which comprise only three percent of a population of 160 million may be facing nothing less than elimination and extermination.

I recently received a desperate email from a man who claimed to be a Christian convert in Pakistan. He is desperate to find safety and security from muslims that are aware of his conversion and seek to kill him. He also desires true Christian fellowship. I have decided to publish his emails in the hopes that it will raise our awareness of the dire circumstances that Christians are facing all over the world, and in the hopes that we can assist him. I will let you be the judge as to the authenticity. His emails follow. I have excised his name and address for security reasons. I also have taken the liberty of underlining certain portions of his emails. If you would like to correspond with him his email is: He has also provided his phone number below.

"39,m,sialkot(pakistan).I'm (*******), converted from muslim to christian since 5 yrs. My family is muslim. My life is very distroubed after facing tortures, threatnings to kill,and socialy bycating by my family n muslim community. They r trying to finish my running bussines, wealth and charms from my life. Whenever i changed my relegion no churchs and christians r helping me to make my life as a common free christian. I'm a skillfull bussines minded person. But i'm very confused by pastors. also i got beptizm on net when i was in dubai(u.a.e). I went many churchs like sent merry in dubai, chatholic, penticastl & other churches in sialkot n pakistan. Fortunatly, i like to be a real catholic but i'm not free to prey lord safly because of muslim's behave. Now they r planning to kill me, my family is also involved in it. I'm still single, living with my muslim family n don't have anyother shelter. Some christians friends told me to leave my native city soon and sattle in anyother city where can i prey safly and live freely. Freedom & joys r over from my life by facing much mental torture n tensions. I'm alone in my world. Is it ok to leave a person alone when he got beptizm? plz protect my life. Plz i need only any ngo's or ministry's help n addresses or e.mails in pakistan or w.wide., which can adopt me to meet kindness & humanity in my life. By which i can stand on my foot to earn my neccassities of life. I'm not requesting for fundings but assistance. I still have save money for resattlement of life in any other city. There no peoples will know about my past ( in new city). I'm a marketer n supply sugessted items by networking n marketing. I'm bagging for humanity n attention by net now but still no body replying me. In christianity, it is not ok to make a person helpless. Pls justify that without having community relations, i would become a abnormal human because i have lost my muslim socity n friends. They r not accepting me as a converted person n want to become muslim again. Jesus has protect my life two times from them. i'm afraid. Plz contact me to save my tearfull life soon for jesus name or refer it to any concerning body, if it neccassiry. I would be very thankful to u. My cell no.00923348090464.e.mail.( )Address is.(*********) The pastour of this (*******) knows all about me & teached me about christianity. Here in Sialkot all of my broderhoods n christian socity know about my case n truth. I'm ready for all inquireis. Lord bless all. Waiting for ur kind anticipation. Good bye (plz for jesus name don't leave me alone, contact r reply me as soon as possible or refer it to other concerning bodies or ngo's)). Thanks a lot. Bye"

I wrote to him and he responded as follows:

"Thanks for ur reply. I understand all. Pls be notify that in my previous mail, i didn't told u for funding. Becase i have my own small bussiness but its going not well because of socialy bycating of muslim community. I only want any ngo's help by which i could live safly n freely. I have to leave my family n city soon. So that i need a shelter anywhere. I want some ministries help to prey safly in my muslim country. Any christian ngo's can help for my resattlements & safe live. I'm afraid by muslims tortures n threatnings to kill. Freedom for prey & joys n happinesses r basic neccassities of every human. But no christian community r helping me. Every body asking me that its my own problem. They afraid from muslims. I'm an educated man. I have to know by reading newspapers that there r many christian ngo's in Pakistan or w.wide which help for converteds giving them temporary shelter n assistance for saving their lives from muslims. I need any of this ministry or ngo's help in Pak. Or w.wide. Since 5 yrs i'm looking for humanity n christianity form my brothers but nothing. Also i lost many importantance of life. Where is humanism and human's wright? I'm tired. I don't need funds but assistance. I have some save money n experience to restart my own bussiness in any other city. I'm a marketer. I supply various items to my costomers through networking n marketing .But as i told i'm alone now after convertion. So i need some basic help. I need any ministry or ngo's help to restart my life. Conversion of relegion is a stopping stone for converteds. After covertion i got many changes in my life. It finished all of enjoys,works,n stopped basic neccasities of life. As Pakistan is not a secular country. Peoples r fundmentles. I'm worried much about my future. So pls don't leave me alone. For christianity n Lord Jesus do in touch with me until i got basic requirments to live a life freely .Pls don't disapoite me. I would be very thankful to u. And pls refer my case to anyother concerning body for its solution, if neccassery. Pls give me ur officers contact nos., to talk on some suggetions. Lord bless all. Goodbye. My contact no.00923348090464. Bye"