Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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As reported here last week, the Catholic Church has been highly critical of a new mandatory secular, pro-homosexual "Education in Citizenship" program that will be introduced to school children this fall in Spain. As a result of the Church's criticism of the program it has been threatened to be "put in its place" by leading Socialists through future legislation. Apparently the Socialists who tolerate every form of sexual deviancy cannot tolerate Christianity, and must inevitably silence it to advance their agenda.

Socialist Gregorio Peces-Barba Martínez, threatened the Catholic Church with a "new status" if it didn't stop attacking his new "Education for Citizenship and Human Rights" program for Spanish schools.

"...Peces-Barba expressed outrage at the bishops' opposition to his plan, accusing them of "an extreme arrogance, a sensation of impunity and an insufferable sense of superiority, derived from the fact that they administer 'superior truths'" and claims that they have "spent years defying the legitimate authorities, the Constitution and the law, attempting to impose their criteria before the common good and the popular sovereignty residing in the Parliament."

Harsh words! But at least he has one thing correct--the Church does posses superior truths to those half-truths and outright lies that Socialism "administers".

"...[T]he bishops' objections are based on the fact that the program will be imposed on Catholic children contrary to the will of the parents, Peces-Barba accused them of "harassing those who are heterodox" and "showing disrespect for individual consciences".
"They cannot nor should they continue down this road, nor pull so hard on the rope", warned Peces-Barba. "They are responsible for the agitation that impedes social peace and are belligerent against the policy of the government and against any progress."

"The socialist added that the Catholic Church must back down from criticism of its plan or suffer consequences. "If this new climate is not obtained in the next legislature," he wrote, "it will be necessary to address the topic of the actions and situation of the Church and establish a new status, that puts them in their place and that respects the autonomy of the civil authority."

"The warning, made in the Spanish socialist newspaper "El Pais", followed on the heels of a speech by Spanish President Emelio Zapatero on July 22, who said, in defence of the Education for Citizenship program that,
"no faith can impose itself on the law", a statement understood as a reference to the Church, and subsequently cited by Peces-Barba in his article. According to Spanish media sources, the ruling socialists are eager to make changes to the existing legal status of the Catholic Church in that country."

"Peces-Barba's statements are considered significant because of his influence in Spain's government, and his membership in the country's powerful socialist movement, which is currently dominant at the national level. Peces-Barba was one of the authors of Spain's constitution, and is Professor of Legal Philosophy at the Carlos III University in Madrid. He is also the former high commissioner for Victims of Terrorism in Spain and an author of the "Education for Citizenship and Human Rights" course program."

"Education for Citizenship", which purports to instruct students in matters of ethics, is in reality a vaguely-worded program that seeks to indoctrinate children with the sexual ideology and social agenda of the Spanish left, including the acceptance of homosexuality".

"The program's stated goals include teaching children to reject "existing discrimination for reason of sex, origin, social differences, affective-sexual, or whatever other type" and to exercise a "critical evaluation of the social and sexual division of labor and racist, xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic social prejudices."

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