Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Believe it or not the radical gay agenda is moving into elder care and nursing homes. Promoters of sodomy and perversity want to protect those who are ailing and dying from Christians who may attempt to proselytize or discourage the elderly from coming out of the closet. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that the radical left would attempt to prevent a soul from the opportunity to repent in one's final days since they are in league with the prince of this world.

Excerpts from
dailymail: "Care homes for the elderly should discourage Christian workers who do not believe in gay rights, say inspectors."

"State inspectors say they should "support" homosexuals so they feel "able to come out if they wish".

Those applying for jobs should be "assessed" to ensure they have the right attitude to equality, the Commission for Social Care Inspection says.

It wants care homes to stop referring to husbands and wives and use "neutral" words such as partner."

In a guidance document it goes on: "One particularly difficult area is where individual staff have objections to addressing issues or equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people because of religious reasons.

The report says it is "essential" for gays in care homes to come out to help them "be themselves".

To help themselves be themselves? Man is not defined by his favorite sin, rather man was created to rise above his sinful and base nature to true liberty which only can be attained when man rejects sin and seeks after God.

"Man, indeed, is free to obey his reason, to seek moral good, and to strive unswervingly after his last end. Yet he is free also to turn aside to all other things; and, in pursuing the empty semblance of good, to disturb rightful order and to fall headlong into the destruction which he has voluntarily chosen….Therefore, the nature of human liberty, however it be considered, whether in individuals or in society, whether in those who command or in those who obey, supposes the necessity of obedience to some supreme and eternal law, which is no other than the authority of God, commanding good and forbidding evil. And, so far from this most just authority of God over men diminishing, or even destroying their liberty, it protects and perfects it,
for the real perfection of all creatures is found in the prosecution and attainment of their respective ends, but the supreme end to which human liberty must aspire is God.” Pope Leo XIII