Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Magdi Allam is a muslim, but no ordinary Muslim--he is a staunch opponent of the Islamization of Europe. He is an Egyptian born columnist and vice-director of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading daily newspaper. He has become Italy’s most prominent critic of Islam and his views have become highly regarded in more conservative Catholic circles.

Allam's mother sent him to a Catholic boarding school in Egypt, where he began studying Western culture and civilization. He later immigated to Italy.

He has supported a ban against building new mosques in Italy and has sought to expose underground relationships between Italian mosques and international terrorist groups. His writings and opinions have led to numerous death threats and have necessitated him to be under constant guard.

But as recently as 2002 Allam was espousing a more liberal mindset that Islam is compatible with democracy and pluralism. But in recent years Allam has had a change of mind and heart that is reflected in his latest book entitled,
"Long Live Israel - From the Ideology of Death to the Civilization of Life: My Story", in it Allam argues that Israel represents a culture of life, while Islam’s represents a culture of death.

In a recent interview with an Israeli news agency, Allam was asked about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His response:
“I hope that someday Israel will capture Ahmadinejad and force him to live the rest of his life between the walls of Yad Vashem.”

Allam also stated,
"...[F]or me, 'Viva Israele' is a song of praise to Israel's life and to everyone's life. My book opens with the words: 'What you are about to read is a declaration of faith in the sanctity of life, 'the sanctity of life of every human being...I want to tell you about my slow and tortured path from the ideology of lies, tyranny, hatred, violence and death, to the culture of truth, freedom, love, peace and life, until it ripened into absolute certainly that defending the sanctity of life is more than ever in keeping with defending Israel's right to exist".

Not surprisingly, Allam is seen as an advocate of division and a promoter of "islamophobia" among liberal catholics and secularists. As a result a recent letter condemning Allam's latest book was published in an Italian journal and was signed by 230 liberals, both Muslim and Christian. It stated:

“Journalism risks falling into the logic of cheering for one sports team against another, rather than being rational and analytical, above all when it’s dealing with delicate and sensitive subjects such as religion,” it said, accusing Allam of adopting the all-or-nothing logic of “totalitarian ideologies.”The appeal was signed by a “who’s who” of center-left Italian Catholic opinion, including Enzo Bianchi, founder of the ecumenical monastery of Bose; Paolo Branca, an expert on Islam and advisor to Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi of Milan; Alfredo Canavero, a scholar who also writes for L’Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian bishops; and Alberto Melloni, a well-known church historian.

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Allam states,
"Europe is already a bastion of Islamic extremism. Just look at the attack on Mike's Place in Tel Aviv, which was carried out by British suicide bombers drafted by Hamas; the massacre by Islamists in Madrid and in London; the slitting of director Theo Van Gogh's throat in Amsterdam; and the dozens of Islamic terror attacks that were prevented in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Holland."

"This bastion exists thanks to a widespread network of mosques, Koran schools, financial bodies and charitable institutions linked to the Muslim Brotherhood; Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian Salfists; Saudi Wahabis; Al-Qaida jihadis and Pakistani groups. This multicultural Europe, which has trampled its values and betrayed its identity, is satisfied with reacting to the obvious terror, which is only the tip of the iceberg, but is afraid to deal with terror's ideological and organizational roots."

Allam recently stated: "Israel has to prevent the Nazi-Islamic government of [Ali] Khamenei and [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad from acquiring nuclear weapons. I don't place my faith in the United Nations and I have no illusions about the Bush administration, which now wants only to leave Iraq without losing face. And of course I don't count on a weak, cowardly and divided Europe. I believe Israel is the last bastion in Islamic terror's war against all of human civilization. Therefore I hope Israel will have a strong national unity government, determined to confront the most serious threat to world security since World War II."

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