Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Dogma matters! An Iranian cleric this week proposed the concept of temporary marriage to deal with lustful youth.

Despite the cries to the contrary from feminists and historical revisionists, the female was elevated by Christianity, and harmony was promoted between the sexes. At every turn Islam demeans the woman, from the burka to the ease of divorce, and now the proposal of temporary marriage. This is what we can expect when bad dogma is translated into action. I am somewhat surprised that the secular left failed to introduce this as a "liberating" concept for women prior to Islam. As a woman--I fear the secularists and Islam equally.

"Iran's interior minister has faced criticism from women activists after advocating the practice of temporary marriage as a way to meet the needs of young people in the Islamic state, which bans extramarital sex.

"Is it possible that Islam is indifferent to a 15-year-old youth into whom God has put lust?" newspapers quoted Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi, who is also a cleric, as telling a religious seminar this week."

This, of course, is not altogether brand new for Islam...

"Temporary marriage, or sigha, is an agreement between a man and a women to get married for a specified time, even for just a few days. It has long been practised by Shi'ite Muslims, who are dominant in Iran, even though it is unclear how common it is.

Sunni Muslims say it is illegal and akin to prostitution, but some Shi'ites scholars say it reflects the reality of human nature and provides for the rights and responsibilities of both the man and the woman."

Both Sunni and Shi'ite scholars agree that the Prophet Mohammad did at certain times allow it. But Sunni scholars say the Prophet later banned it. Most Shi'ites say he didn't."

It also sounds like prostitution...

"A temporary marriage is easy to arrange. A couple will agree on how long they will get married - it's usually anywhere from a day to months - and on financial matters.

Couples often go to a Shi'ite cleric for approval of the contract. The practice is believed to have pre-dated Islam among the tribes of the Arabian peninsula.

"A great number of women who agree to have temporary marriage do it because of their problems and financial need," another women activist, Fatemeh Sadeghi, told ISNA."

The Ham Mihan daily quoted a receptionist at a hotel in Tehran as saying it accepted couples with documents showing they were temporarily married and that it had about 100 such guests per week. "Our clients are young men with older women," he said.

But a female former parliamentary deputy, Fatemeh Rakei, suggested that entering into a temporary marriage made it difficult for young women to later find permanent husbands and also expressed concern about the future of children from such marriages."
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