Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The Israelites who grumbled against God and preferred enslavement in Egypt, or death in the desert to entrance into the land of milk and honey --were granted their wish. God heeded their complaints and vowed to let them die in the desert.

Likewise God has granted the grumblings of this generation that prefers the enslavement of sterility and pill popping infertility to the promise of a fertile future and entrance into the eternal paradise. Nations and peoples who have adopted, endorsed, and promoted this suicidal, sex-obsessed lifestyle will be quietly eliminated pursuant to their own desires.

Here are excerpts of an interview with Maggie Gallagher, president of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. From

Give us some insight into Western Europe's so-called "birth dearth."

A. Right now the European Union average is below 1.5 children per woman. It takes 2.1 to replace the population under modern conditions. Population demographers call anything less than 1.5 children "very low fertility." As you move towards one child per woman, you are talking about cutting your population in half in every generation. ...[T]his model won't sustain any culture that adopts it.

Q. Why? Abortion? Birth control?

A. Yes and no and I don't know. Even in Europe people say they want mostly two-child families. Why don't they have them? Television, restaurants, vacation travel, career ambition, movies, parties, bigger houses, less housework, less angst about husbands who don't pitch in. Having children seems to be a very hard these days -- [in] almost every developed society. Think about that: all the societies that in other ways are best for human flourishing -- stable, rule of law, democratic, affluent, free nations -- suddenly find themselves in a position where they don't remember how to do what every dinky tribe used to know how to do: get young men and women together to make and raise the next generation.

Q. Even traditionally Catholic nations like Ireland and Italy aren't having babies and are widely using birth control.

A. Italy is in a sustained plunge in terms of birth rates, one of the lowest in Europe. Ireland's birth rates only recently plunged below replacement (1.9) but their out of wedlock childbearing rate soared in the last 20 years ... from 5 percent to 30 percent. As they grow wealthy, they're adopting the Western pattern of non-family life.

Q. This happens as church attendance has dropped. Is there a correlation?

A. Well, certainly. How the causality works is a tease for social science to dissect, and it probably works in both directions: as people adopt family and sex codes in tension with religion they tend to leave it; and as people leave religions, they often lose the discipline and motivation to direct and channel sexual behavior in ways that benefit the next generation. They marry less, have more sex outside of marriage, cohabit more, divorce more, and have fewer children -- and more of them out of wedlock.

Q. Could it happen here [in the United States]?

A. Every developed country is experiencing a family crisis: first is "family fragmentation" difficulties in getting parents to get married, stay married and raise their children together. Second is a collapse in birthrates to levels insufficient to sustain the population. In the U.S., 37 percent of children are now born outside of marriage and close to half of all marriages end in divorce. We are, however, just about the only developed nation with birthrates at or near replacement level. [Our problem is serious but] not quite the same as in Europe. I suspect this has something to do with our higher rates of religiosity, patriotism and the pro-family tax code we have.