Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Protestantism has bred the radical secular relativism that we are confronted with today. The breakdown of belief in a central moral authority has ripened into militant relativism. Ultimately the rejection of a central moral and religious authority will bring about the demise of the West and America in particular.

So many today will agree that multiculturalism is a horrid failure but what of pluralism?

America is protestant and was founded upon pluralism. Pluralism
is the notion that all religious belief systems and philosophies are equally valid. For both pluralists and multiculturalists absolute truth does not exist.

This rejection of absolute truth and authority by protestantism has slowly brought about the wholesale rejection of truth and morality by modern man.
As one man became his own pope with the creation of sola scriptura, today the secular man rejects the entire notion of objective truth and creates his own version of reality. The heresy of protestantism has as its ultimate fruit the creation and growth of relativism.

We often hear: "
No one has the right to tell me what is right and wrong." An equivalent statement is said by protestants about authority and hierarchy: "Who is the Pope to tell me what to believe." When these same protestants hear atheists proclaim that there is no right or wrong, or that there is no difference between Christianity and Islam they are appalled. The ideology that rejects a central moral authority is present in both protestantism and atheistic relativism.

"Such, then, is popular protestantism, considered in its opposition to Catholics. Its truth is establishment by law; its philosophy is theory; its faith is prejudice; its facts are fiction; its reasonings falacies; and its security is ignorance about those whom it is opposing. The law says that white is black; ignorance says, why not? Theory says it ought to be; fallacy says it must be; fiction says it is, and prejudice says it shall be." Card. Newman

America was founded upon the erroneous principal that all beliefs, cultures, and religions are equal--relativism is a necessary outgrowth. Only now are we beginning to see the deadliness of this ideology with its battle cry of 'tolerance, tolerance, tolerance'. When there exists homogeneity in a society then the utopian notion of multiculturalism and pluralism "appears" to work properly -- as it does in textbooks. But when Islam crosses the border, and modern atheistic concepts become a religion for a vast portion of the population, then America's days are numbered.