Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Do you recall the story of the Christian prison chaplain who distributed truthful literature about Islam and was fired by a New York jail. Well the story does not end there. Political correctness has overtaken and now an Imam will be hired by the jail for its inmates and religiously sensitive food will also be provided. The extent of political correctness and cultural self loathing knows no limits. Islam's growth in prisons is a very real problem in America, but instead of halting its spread we are promoting its growth, and in turn, creating future terrorists. Here is the story from Fox News:

NEW CITY, N.Y. —  The county jail where a Christian minister handed out anti-Islamic cartoons announced it will hire an imam for its Muslim inmates.
The Rockland County Jail also said it will provide religiously appropriate food.

Rockland Undersheriff Thomas Guthrie said Tuesday that the imam will work one day a week, joining the jail's priest and rabbi.

The Christian chaplain, the Rev. Teresa Darden Clapp, was suspended with pay last month after inmates complained she was passing out anti-Islam booklets.

In the cartoon panel stories, a tract titled "Men of Peace?" said Islamic fundamentalists who commit terrorist acts are not "bad Muslims" but "very good Muslims" who act in accordance with their religion. Another tract, titled "Allah Has No Son," said Allah is not God, Muhammad was no prophet, and the Koran is not the word of God. Both stories end with people being convinced Islam is false. In one, a Muslim converts to Christianity.

Local Muslims have called for Clapp's dismissal, and the county requested an independent investigation.

Clapp has not commented public about the controversy and has not responded to messages seeking comment.