Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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So many "Christians" have come to hold the view that it does not matter what one believes but rather that one is simply sincere and a "good person". But without a firm creed and an authority established by God Himself one is open to compromise with the world, the devil, and the flesh. Surely Christ will not abide with those who compromise and strip His word of all hard teachings--we must either accept or reject Him, we are either for or against Him.  Compromise is incompatible with a firm faith that Christ is God, whose word is true and whose promises are as sure as God is sure.  

Protestantism's rejection of authority has scattered souls by forcing them to fend for themselves to determine what the essential revealed truths of Christ are. Instead of confidently grasping hold of truth, Protestant Christians must agree to differ as to what truth God intended to reveal. Without the confidence that can only be found when authority is recognized, Protestants are inexorably driven to compromise due to the eternally endless divisions. How ironic it is that "bible believing" "sola scriptura" Christians are on the whole more unsure of truth and the requirements of salvation than prior to the Reformation. As a result Christians have never been so lax, and so lacking in faith.

Many Protestants have come to reject the ten commandments and even baptism as necessary to the Christian life. Many post-modern Christian sects also boastfully reject the very idea of denomination, "church" and "religion"--labeling themselves non-denominational.  Nothing could be more absurd --it is as if these churches proclaim their own ineffectualness and tacitly renounce any claim to stand as a witness to Christ's truth.  They have in effect given up on the very idea of possessing and laying claim to Christ's revealed truth.

How different this is from the position of the Catholic Church.  The Church has the audacity in this day and age to assert that she and she alone possesses the fulness of truth.  She does not adjust her faith to suit the spirit of the age.  She has always maintained that she teaches in the name and with the authority of God Himself--and has never gone back upon a dogma of faith once solemnly proclaimed.  The world calls such a position intolerant --while oblivious to the fact that truth is and always must be-- intolerant of error and falsities.  

The Catholic Church is willing to lose entire nations rather than compromise the Faith to retain them.  She will not change her claims by one jot even if the world promised all its glory to entice her.  Her adversaries may rail against her but with a distant respect they await her proclamations and positions on all the controversial issues of our day.  Her enemies envy the power and authority with which she speaks.  Her voice is clear and definite for she and she alone speaks with the authority of Him who instructed her to go and teach all nations and who promised to be with her until the consummation of the world. 

No other attitude is possible for the the Church that claims to be established by Jesus Christ-- who said:  "He that is not for me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth."