Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The Irish victory over the Lisbon Treaty is looking more shallow everyday due to the EU's dictatorial attempt to negate its impact.

Telegraph reports:

"European Union leaders and senior officials were today lavishing praise on Gordon Brown for keeping the Lisbon Treaty "very much alive" by ignoring Ireland's No vote to complete British ratification.

The Prime Minister has been held up as an EU role model after his refusal to suspend Parliament's approval of the Treaty after last week's Irish referendum rejection.

Britain's parliamentary approval of the EU Treaty, which received Royal Assent this morning, will be used by Europe's leaders at Brussels summit dinner tonight to push Ireland into holding a second referendum next year.

Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, told The Daily Telegraph that the EU Treaty was "certainly not" dead following a final ratifying vote in House of Lords yesterday night.

"This shows that the Reform Treaty is very much alive. The decisions in the House of Lords and the Commons are an encouragement to do everything to get the Treaty ratified as well in those countries where it is not yet ratified," he said."

HERE IS MORE OF THE LATEST NEWS: EU SUMMIT France, Germany say EU Lisbon Treaty ratification to continue; BUT--EU treaty not ratified without court ruling: Brown; U.K. Lawmakers Ratify EU Lisbon Treaty After Irish Rejection

A loyal reader of this site has suggested that everyone adopt a nation--to pray and fast for that particular nation. I think this is an excellent idea and I hope you do to. Here are the details:

"The significance of this treaty cannot be underestimated! It will allow the EU to impose its political will on member countries; EU laws will become superior to national law in most areas of government. This is a worrying situation for Christians as the EU is known for its many immoral and blatantly anti-Christian biases. For example their attempt to force abortion on Catholic countries, promotion of homosexual unions, easy divorce laws, anti-Christian hate speech laws, militant secularism and ignoring of Europe's Christian heritage. The Treaty also insists on a common defence policy that extends beyond peace keeping. This means each member state may be required to fight the wars of the EU!

"In all of this the people of Europe are not allowed a say. This an abuse of democracy and freedom which will lead to an inherently anti-Christian institution having power over Catholic countries internal laws.

"We need to pray the people of Europe stand up for democracy and their freedoms! The Plan:

We have a plan that we would like you to participate in. Beginning next week on Monday 23rd June you can adopt one of the 27 European Union countries. Pray and fast every day during the week so its people may stand up and demand their voices be heard by their governments! Email back to have your name and your country put on a prayer roster.

The 27 member states are:

1. Ireland; 2. UK; 3. Portugal; 4. Spain;. 5. France; 6. Belgium; 7. Netherlands; 8. Luxembourg; 9. Germany; 10. Denmark;
11. Austria; 12. Italy; 13. Malta; 14. Cyprus; 15. Greece; 16. Sweden; 17. Finland; 18. Poland; 19. Czech Republic;
20. Slovakia; 21. Slovenia; 22. Lithuania; 23. Latvia; 24. Estonia; 25. Romania; 26. Hungary; 27. Bulgaria.


I suggest we ask for the intercession of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The EU flag was designed by a devout Catholic who was inspired by Revelation 12 and Mary's crown of 12 stars. By coincidence, the EU adopted this design on on December 8 1955 - the feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. I suggest also Blessed Charles - a model Christian ruler.

"This is a prayer to request the intercession of Blessed Charles of Austria. He was the last Catholic Emperor in Europe who ruled over a vast multicultural empire in central Europe in the early 20th century. He desired and worked for his goal that all peoples of Europe would live together in peace.

"O Blessed Emperor Charles, you accepted the difficult tasks and burdensome challenges that God gave you during your life. In every thought, decision and action you trusted always in the Holy Trinity. We pray to you to intercede for us with the Lord our God to give us faith and courage, so that even in the most difficult situations of our earthly lives we may not lose heart, but continue faithfully in the footsteps of Christ."Ask for us the grace that our hearts may be molded into the likeness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Help us to work with compassion and strength for the poor and needy, to fight with courage for peace in our homes and in the world, and in every situation to trustingly place our lives in the hands of God, until we reach Him, as you did, through Christ our Lord.

Here are some Youtube Links regarding the Lisbon Treaty that also came recommended:

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