Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Religion, Wisdom & The Death Of The West

The West desperately needs divine wisdom to counter the forces that seek our destruction.  Secular wisdom is an oxymoron and has failed to such an extent that we know not where to turn for answers. 

Without a belief in God or the afterlife secularists live only for this world.  It is therefore incumbent upon them to create a utopia out of this world.  But the secularist's utopian world view is doomed to fail.  The only question is will we survive to see its destruction or will we perish with it.  To survive we need the wisdom that only proceeds from God.

The secularists are wise in their own estimation but wordly wisdom is foolishness to God.  The judgments of God are far different than the judgments of man.  The secularists do and approve of those things that please man but offend God. 

The Godless secularists are very proud of their “works”.  Their view of good and evil is twisted to such an extent that they perceive good to be evil and evil to be good.  They fight the “evils” of obesity, homophobia, smoking, religion, guns, global warming and overpopulation.  They promote tolerance instead of love, relativism and multiculturalism, physician-assisted suicide, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, sexual license, abortion, absentee parenting, feminism, and fruitless sex.

They believe they know better than God what is good for man and in turn replace the natural law with the unnatural.  They prevent the birth of “unwanted” babies through education about sex .  And when the students of sex education do what they are taught--then they sneak them their free condoms and birth control without mom and dad finding out.   And when the free condoms and birth control don’t work-- free abortions are made available.  And when all the babies are gone and no one is having children anymore-- then they pay women to have babies.

Despite all our schooling and education we are sorely lacking wisdom.  We have been “educated into imbecility” as Fr. John Corapi says.  Our young people are not taught truth, they are taught trendy theories and how to debate what is true.

The bible says “[t]he fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.  Proverbs 9:10   But the fear of God is never found in a proud and haughty people.  A true and proper fear of the Lord is born out of humility and a loving reverence which abhors offending God.

The wisdom of God tells us that in humility lies true strength.  Only through Christ like humility will we obtain the fear of the Lord that will permit us the wisdom to prevail against our enemies.  Only through humility will our shortsighted temporal utopian world view be transformed into an eternal view that will enable us to see the realities of our times and take the steps necessary to prevail against evil.