Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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"Whether because of voluntary birth control, or because of impoverishment of the stock, many Roman marriages at the end of the first and the beginning of the second century were childless...The feminism that triumphed in Imperial times brought more in its time than advantage and superiority. By copying men too closely the Roman women succeeded more rapidly in emulating man's vices than in acquiring his strength." Jerome Carcopino, Daily Life in Ancient Rome.

And from Fr John Hardon S.J.:
"Sexual suicide is sexual liberation that has created a society hostile to the family and the institution of marriage. It is a society that fails to recognize the natural order of the male and female gender. Sexual suicide is the ultimate destination of “feminism”: female inferiority and familiarity and familial disintegration. Sexual suicide is the pollution of a culture by false ideas and misused technology. The result is an erosion of love and family that reduces sex to a form of sexual massage...Sexual suicide is the wide spread virus of radical feminism that has penetrated the culture of so many Western nations."

Women have become sex objects for the pleasure of noncommittal men who no longer feel the responsibility of rearing or financially supporting their offspring. Women who become pregnant and carry their babies to term are left to support the "family" while their children are deprived of a mother and a father. Rather than gaining equality with men and liberation
from men, women have become inferior slaves to men's basest nature---sloth and lust. Suicidal sex will destroy us.


I transcribed an old tape I had from a talk given by the late Father John Hardon in 1999 from his Catholic nursing home in Detroit. Fr Hardon entitled his talk “Sexual Suicide”. He had the grace of detachment from this world that enabled him to truly see the realities of our times. He was a prophet.

“We begin then by asking this question --what is sexual suicide?...[It is] chaos introduced into one civilized nation after another.

Well then how do you define sexual suicide. Lets describe it as understood by those that recognize its terrifying and I mean terrifying implications. First sexual suicide is liberation of the human sexual powers. [This] has created a society that is positively hostile -- and I mean--hostile to the family and to the institution of marriage.

A society [infected by] sexual suicide fails to recognize the natural order of the male and female gender. God created two genders to cooperate with one another in the procreation of the human race... Sexual suicide is the final destination of the feminist movement.


Fr John A. Hardon S.J. said the modern media are engaged in a  "Luciferian conspiracy against the Truth".  He read no newspapers and did not watch television so as not to partake in the manipulation of truth and lies that were spread in the name of news gathering and journalism.

This week we had a supreme example of Luciferian hypocrisy and manipulation of the Truth by Sean Hannity, who in one sentence claims to be a "devout" Catholic and in the next defends birth control.  His so called "interview" of Fr Thomas Eutenuer of Human Life International was nothing more than a defensive and vicious attack. 

I had the naivete to hope that as a declared "conservative" and a Catholic, Hannity understood the societal and moral blight that birth control has been to the West, or at a minimum to opt out of the  "Luciferian conspiracy".