Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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At last report eight people have been arrested in connection with failed car bombings in Glasgow and London-- all of whom were doctors or at least had links with the National Health Service in the U.K. The suspected ringleader of the car bombers has been described as a brilliant neurologist.

"Al Qaeda, in the last 18 months, has changed its recruiting strategy; it's now targeting highly educated and highly intelligent people, the intellectual capital of the Muslim world," Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie told CBS News."

This is seen by many as a departure from the usual suspects who are believed by the media and western governments to be "vulnerable, "at risk", or unassimilated youths who are merely a product of the West's inequitable system that fails to integrate muslims. The fact that those who have been arrested do not fit the mold that suits the media's relativistic, multicultural bent is downright disconcerting and surprising to many.

But there are those who have more excuses for Islam up their sleeves--like Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister who stated: “We have got to separate those great moderate members of our community from a few extremists who wish to practice violence and inflict maximum loss of life in the interests of a perversion of their religion.”

A perversion of Islam? Are these devout muslims who are highly educated, white collar professionals perverting their religion, or is their religion perverted?

When will the West wake up to the fact that it is
Islam that produces terrorists. It is not unhappy, unassimilated "youths" who are carrying out terrorists acts, rather it is devout Islamic fundamentalists who are acting in accordance with the dictates of their faith. It is Islam itself that was perverted from its very inception when it grew out of a heretical and twisted version of Christianity. Islam is not simply a religion it is a political movement that is bent on domination of individuals and nations.

We are experiencing in our world right now a return to the fundamentals in every religion. This return to the fundamentals of faith is precipitated by the domination of evil and downfall of morality and decency in our world. In response to the emptiness that one experiences from engaging in the sins of our day-- which are supposed to fulfill us and make us happy-- people turn to religion to assuage their emptiness and guilt. Liberal religions that compromise with the world and require only blind tolerance and false charity of their adherents are not only unattractive but fail to convert young people. It is the religions that reject the wordliness that is harmful to one's soul, and set one apart, that are gaining converts. Unfortunatly this rejection of the world can turn deadly in the hearts and minds of those who do not posses truth and solid Christian dogma.

Dorothy Sayers in Creed or Chaos states that in polite discussion and times of peace we can persuade ourselves that underlying dogma is immaterial.

"But if man goes on to translate his point of view into action, then, to our horror and surprise, the foundations of society are violently shaken, the crust of morality that looked so solid splits apart, and we see that it is only a thin bridge over an abyss in which two dogmas, incompatible as fire and water, are seathinig explosively together." Dorothy Sayers.  

This is precisely what is happening in our world today. Tolerance, relativism, and multiculturalism seemed to work theoretically when contained in books and minds.  But put into practice, we are beginning to see that bad dogma has consequences.

The perpetual growth by division in Protestantism due to self interpretation and rejection of authority has led us to a place where relativism reigns, absolute truths are subject to interpretation, and we must tolerate everything and condemn nothing. This dilution of Christian truth and authority leaves so many in the West sincerely confused about Islam and its jihadi motivations. Thus diluted Christian dogma leaves us unable to condemn bad and dangerous dogma.

Needless to say Islamic dogma put into action becomes jihad. 

Thus "[t]he thing that is in danger is the whole structure of society, and it is necessary to persuade thinking men and women of the vital and intimate connection between the structure of society and the theological doctrines of Christianity." Dorothy Sayers

It is no accident that historically the Church has succeeded to civilize man.  It is no accident that Christian martyrs are victims of religious intolerance and not victimizers.  It is no accident that the founder of Christianity was a victim and not a victimizer.  It is no accident that the Church seeks the conversion of souls through one's free will and not by the sword.  It is not an accident, it is dogma.  

"That you cannot have Christian principles  without Christ is becoming increasingly clear, because their validity as principles depends on Christ's authority;  and as we have seen, the totalitarian states, having ceased to believe in Christ's authority, are logically quite justified in repudiating Christian principles." Dorothy Sayers