Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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What is the liberal solution to radical Islam? State sponsored religion classes invoking the Koran to instill Western values. Sound oxymoronic?

The U.K. has introduced government sponsored and supported "civics-religion" lessons which teach Western values
from the Koran. The Labor government hopes this pilot program in Bradford will eventually spread to other cities, and help "assimilate" and "integrate" the country’s Muslims into British culture. The program is meant to replace the tedious, and hard-core religious lessons now taught in mosques. Those lessons emphasize rote learning of the Koran, and are taught by imams who were born in Pakistan. It is estimated that 100,000 school-age Muslim children attend daily religious classes after school in mosques in Britain.

The program was written by a Bradford teacher, Sajid Hussain, 34, who submitted proposed lesson plans to imams which were ultimately rejected. “They were perhaps a little too frontal,” Hussain said.

How "frontal" were the lesson plans that were rejected by the imams?

"In one example, the students were to be asked what they would do if a friend bought a large quantity of fertilizer and announced he planned to build a bomb with it. The question was based on the evidence in a recent trial in London, in which five Muslim men were found guilty of buying fertilizer, storing it and planning to use it for a terrorist attack."

"Another question involved a character, “Ahmad,” whose friends were hatching a plot to attack a supermarket in retaliation for the war in Iraq. “Is it right for Ahmad to harm innocent Britons just because their government invaded a Muslim country?” was the proposed question in one of Mr. Hussain’s lesson plans."

Instead the following "non-frontal" issues are discussed in civics-religion class: Idris Watts, a teacher and convert to Islam, tackled a seemingly mundane subject with a dozen teenage boys: why it is better to have a job than to be unemployed.
“The prophet said you should learn a trade,” Mr. Watts told the students arrayed in a semicircle before him. “What do you think he means by that?”

“If you get a trade it’s good because then you can pass it on,” said Safraan Mahmood, 15.

“You feel better when you’re standing on your own feet,” offered Ossama Hussain, 14.

But the important point, Mr. Hussain said, was to show Muslim students that their religion provided some answers to issues they confronted every day.

“They understand that it’s wrong to go out and commit suicide bombings,” Mr. Hussain said. “But some got really confused when you put jihad next to it. Jihad has got a sacred context, so things that were unacceptable became acceptable. We had to dig down to defuse the misconception.”

Keep on digging! The misconceptions are inherent in the religion.
Assimilation will not defuse Islamic dogmas. Nor will employment, as we saw with the British physician-jihadists. What these "vulnerable youths" need are Christian missionaries not the invocation, validation and reinterpretation of the Koran by the left. Such condescending absurdities will only breed contempt.
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