Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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"No man of common sense and goodwill, seeing the ills which afflict us, and which are particularly prevalent in certain countries, will take long to realize that the source of these calamities lies in neglect and official denial of God by whole societies, and often even at the family level."

"Our Holy Father the Pope said only recently that "once God has been abolished, disdain for the things of God turns man, stripped of his spiritual dignity, into the base slave of things material, suppressing and even uprooting all the beauty shown forth in virtue, love, hope, and the interior life."

"No civil society will ever be able to survive by banishing God, for the sacred principles of religion alone can justly balance the rights and duties of citizens, consolidate the foundations of the State, and regulate the actions of men by salutary laws, directing them in an orderly fashion toward virtue. The greatest of Roman orators wrote: You, O Pontiffs....defend the city more surely by the strength of religion than its ramparts defend it," and this becomes infinitely more true and more certain when the religion referred to is Christian faith and doctrine.

"Let all those who hold the reigns of government then, recognize these truths, and let the church be everywhere afforded the freedom which is her due, so that free from all impediment she may enlighten with her doctrine the minds of men, give to youth a sound education and formation in virtue, reaffirm the sacred character of the family, and penetrate all human life with her influence.

"Civil society will have nothing to fear from this salutary course; on the contrary it will reap the greatest benefits, for with social relations being governed with justice and equity, with the conditions of the needy being improved as necessary and amended to meet the requirements of human dignity, with discord finally quieted and spirits pacified in fraternal charity, better times may happily begin for all peoples and nations. Such is our ardent hope, and the object of our fervent prayers."

"Confronting Godlessness "
Pastoral Letter, Dakar,
24 February 1949
Marcel Lefebvre