Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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If I could shout this from the mountain tops --I would. Relativism is so pervasive in the West--it has even penetrated good and holy people who have become uncertain and even afraid to assert the existence of truth and condemn lies and false religions. Truth is not subjective--nor is it up to man to decide what is true and what is false. Truth exists outside of man and despite man's assent or acquiescence to it.

The dissolution and rejection of absolute truth is precisely due to the disunity of Christianity and the creation of personal religion. Over the last 500+ years we have accepted the notion that everyone is free to create their own version of Christ, Christianity and ultimately their own truth. As a result we now as a culture, lack standing to condemn those who personally and sincerely believe they possess the fullness of truth but in reality lack Christ who is truth. To condemn personal religion and thereby false religion would amount to a condemnation of what the West itself has become.

Recent Catholic convert, Magdi Allam, recently asserted that it is relativism that has caused the growth of Islam in the West. Excerpts from (
CNA).- "Magdi Allam, warned this week that Islam is growing as a result of the ideology of relativism that pervades the West and claims that there are many truths instead of one unique Truth.

In an article published by the magazine Mundo Cristiano and quoted by Analisis Digital, Allam explained that relativism, which attributes “equal dignity to everything regardless of the content” has made it possible for extremism and Islamic terrorism “to be introduced and to take root” in Europe, to the point that there are Islamic extremists with European citizenship who “act upon and spread an ideology of hatred and violence.”

Likewise, Allam, who was recently baptized by Benedict XVI, said it was impossible to be a moderate Muslim, because the religion of Islam is “physiologically violent, as confirmed by certain verses from the Koran that defend an ideology of hatred, violence, death and condemnation of those who are not Muslims. This way of thinking comes from Mohammed,” Allam said, adding that Islam is an “intrinsically violent” religion.

Asked about his conversion to the faith, Allam said he was convinced by the preaching and testimony of Benedict XVI, whose “strong affirmation of the relationship between faith and reason as a foundation for understanding the authenticity of true religion” fascinated him."