Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Fire, darkness, worm, hell, correspond to passions--lusts of all kinds, the all-embracing darkness of ignorance, the unquenchable thirst for sensual pleasures...foretastes of the torments of hell, even now begin to torture sinners. - St. Gregory of Sinai (HT: Tree of Life Sword)

The coming persecution of the Church will certainly stem in part from the radical homosexual movement. The way is being paved for the son of perdition through the growth of a new psuedo-christianity, or better yet, anti-christianity, which excludes the truths of Jesus Christ. It also diabolically twists the charitable and social aspects of Christianity rendering those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle as intolerant hate-mongers. The tenets of this anti-christian movement are simple: be nice, don't judge, and tolerate everything except the intolerant truth and those who espouse it. The arch-enemy of this movement is of course the Catholic Church which teaches that homosexual sex is a mortal sin. Unfortunately many so-called Christian denominations have fallen prey to this more palatable anti-Christianity. It is becoming easier to see what Christ meant when he said--"Will I find faith when I return?"

ROME (Reuters) - "Some 10,000 dancing and singing homosexuals and gay-rights supporters marched through Rome on Saturday, many of them chanting slogans against the Vatican and Italy's conservative new government.

"The yearly Gay Pride march took on added political significance because city officials denied a request for the march to end with a rally near the Basilica of St John's in Lateran, the pope's cathedral in his capacity as bishop of Rome.

"City officials said the march would disturb a concert that had been planned for inside the basilica. The new conservative city administration also refused to give its patronage to the march."

"The new conservative government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has made it clear it has no intention of passing legislation that would give gay couples some sort of legal recognition.

"Berlusconi and the Vatican see eye-to-eye on many issues and his government's relationship with Church is much more cordial than that of the previous government.

"Berlusconi kisses the pope's slipper and says 'yes' to everything. We risk a theocracy and clerical dictatorship," said Franco Grillini, a homosexual who was a parliamentarian in the previous government.

"Mock marriages were performed on some of the floats drawn through the city as scantily clad homosexual men danced on other floats.

"Some of the demonstrators carried placards accusing conservative politicians of being "hypocritical slaves" of the Vatican. Several of the gay men were dressed in papal masks or bishops' garb."