Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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A new documentary entitled "Demographic Winter the Decline of the Human Family" explores the worldwide demographic decline and is based upon interviews with academics, scholars, researchers, elected officials and civil and religious leaders from more than 30 countries. Demographic Winter is soon to be released and the trailer can be seen here.

According to the website:

"Worldwide, birth rate have been halved in the past 50 years. There are now 59 nations, with 44% of the world's population with below replacement fertility.

"Sometime in this century, the world's population will begin to decline. At a certain point the decline will become rapid. We may even reach population free-fall in our lifetimes.

"For some countries population decline is already a reality. Russia is losing three-quarters-of-a-million people a year. Its population (currently 145 million) is expected to fall by one-third by 2050."

"If present low birth rates persist, the European Union estimates there will be a continent-wide shortfall of 20 million workers by 2030.

"Who will operate the factories and farms in the Europe of the future? Who will develop the natural resources? Where will Russia find the soldiers to guard the frontiers of the largest nation on earth?

"Who will care for a graying population? A burgeoning elderly population combined with a shrinking work force will lead to a train wreck for state pension systems."

"While governments should make child-rearing easier, by lowering the tax-burden on families (out of self-interest if not fairness) cash incentives do not work."


Historically and traditionally a woman got married and raised her children. Now thanks to feminism and socialism a woman leaves her picturesque village in search of career and fortune. But even when the woman finds her fortune and her handsome prince in the city she still is not ready to embark on motherhood due to the brainwashing she has undergone at the hands of feminists and socialists. Even cash incentives, and free daycare can't tear her away from her government subsidized packet of birth control pills. The only thing which could bring back the deadened maternal instinct in the West is the rebirth of Catholicism--which is the lone voice in the wilderness that condemns artificial birth control and truly reveres the God-given role of women in society.

Excerpts from
GUARDIAN: "Martin Schiller has a problem familiar to many 17-year-old boys: not enough girls. Schiller's difficulties, however, are not of his making. Nature has not been kind to him. Not in terms of his looks, but his birthplace.

"For his home town of Königstein, a cluster of red-roofed traditional buildings tucked in a picturesque bend of the Elbe river beneath a giant 700-year-old castle, has recently been revealed to have the biggest demographic imbalance of anywhere in Europe between young men and women.

"On Saturday nights, there is a party at Königstein's youth club. 'We have to get the girls to come from Pirna,' says Schiller, referring to the nearest major town, 10 miles distant. Or even, he says, from Dresden, a 40-minute drive away across the rolling, wooded, depopulated Saxon countryside.

"The reason for the imbalance, he adds, is simple: 'The job opportunities


Austria muzzles politicians who speak the truth about the growing Islamization of Europe, the recent statistics on the Austrian birth rate do not lie. With a birth rate of 1.3 births per woman in 2006, Austria was previously thought to be on the brink of the death spiral but officials are now reporting a continued decline in the birth rate for 2007.

There were 69,245 births in Austria during the first eleven months of 2007--which represents a 2.4 per cent drop from the prior year (or 1,674 fewer births).

Top that off with the fact that 38 percent of all births from December, 2006 through November, 2007 were to unwed mothers, up from 37.2 percent from the prior year.

By the way --Austrian politician Susanne Winter is now under guard due to a death threat against her by the "European Al Qaeda". It seems Islamization may be fine for the percentage of the populace who the State supports in a hedonistic, pill-popping, serial shack-up lifestyle--just don't talk about the price that will eventually be paid.


Here is an incredible quote that sums up the struggle that Western Civilization faces if it is to survive. Once again, it is the Catholic Church that possesses the answers to the crisis of culture that we face. The Church is the only voice in the West that defends life and condemns artificial contraception. Anyone who fails to see the connection between contraception and the potentiality of Eurabia should examine their own participation in the culture of death--which inevitably blinds one to spiritual truths. The article is entitled "The Empty Manger" by John Zmirak. The entirety of this article is a must read--however for the sake of brevity I refer only to a portion of it. (H.T. to Brussels Journal):

"[T]he pansexual hedonists of the Netherlands are now in a panic over their nation’s Islamic future. Even the blasé Parisians have begun to wonder whether their nation’s bureaucratically atheist state is acid enough to dissolve the faith of burgeoning immigrants—before the Arabs outbreed, outvote, and expel the residual Frenchmen. The Germans who a generation ago worshiped their race as a pagan god now look on lackadaisically, and welcome the Turk into Europe. To read their children’s future, they may look to the fate of the Christians in Lebanon, or Kosovo —two other lands where the cradle has had its revenge.

"Any healthy creature or culture shows two signs of life: It reproduces itself, and it fights off


“Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.” St Francis of Assisi

Italy--the land with one of the most graying populations in the world--is attempting to kick its 30-somethings out of their parent's homes in order to boost the birth rate. With nearly two-thirds of 30-34 year olds still living at home it seems the country could use a modern day St Francis to rescue it from apostasy and contraceptive driven suicidal sex.

"We want the bamboccioni to move out," Finance Minister Tommaso Padoa Schioppa recently said, using a term that evokes grown babies still attached to mamma's apron strings."

"Now Italy's center-left government is proposing a ¤999 ($1,431) yearly tax credit on rents for people ages 20 to 30, hoping that will encourage young adults to start living on their own and start a family. But experts say the measure, though encouraging, is not enough to undo cultural and economic factors keeping young men and women at home."

"The problem," says Alessandro Rosina, who teaches demography at Catholic University in Milan, "is not just that Italy's birthrate of 1.3 is one of the lowest in Europe, but that is has been stable at that level for too long."

"Young Italians have found a new formula for la dolce vita," writes journalist Beppe Severgnini on his popular blog, "Italians.""

Why would the average Italian 30 year-old leave the nest for a life of sacrifice and committment to one person? It certainly will not happen due to tax credits. Going from momma's apron strings to the government's does not transform boys into men and girls into women. Rather it is only through a return to the Faith and ultimately God's grace that will make man who has been accustomed to living for self, and self alone, awaken to the dire demographic predicament that a once Catholic nation now finds itself in. Nothing on earth --including secularism and socialism -- can match the tranformative powers that Christianity has on men and even nations. Thus only a return to the Faith will prompt the young Italians to take on the role of men and women and fathers and mothers.
Excerpts taken from
Christian Science Monitor.


Margaret Sanger, a founder of planned parenthood imagined a "paradise".    She did not live to see the fulfillment of this "paradise"-- but it has arrived.  Her "paradise" has taken a horrendous toll in terms of not only souls, but also lives lost.  It has led us down a path of cultural suicide and could eventually if not recognized, bring about the death of the West.  

Like the serpent's promise to Adam and Eve, Margaret Sanger visualized a world where sex reigned free of commitment and consequences. 

"We must teach men the overwhelming power of this radiant force...through sex mankind may attain the great spiritual illumination which will transform the world, which will light up the only path to an earthly paradise. So must we necessarily and inevitably conceive of sex-expression"  Margaret Sanger

In her outlook the libido of the individual becomes the sole purpose of sex.  One friend said of Ms. Sanger, "She was the first person I ever knew who was openly an ardent propagandist for 'joys of the flesh'."

In less than a century the majority of the West has adopted this same hedonistic view of human sexuality.  Seeking out the "joys of the flesh" has become the norm while the idea of restraint of the Read More...