Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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"If it's a symbol, to hell with it." Flannery O'Connor

Why is it that so many Christian denominations have no problem with belief in the mystery of the Trinity yet fail in faith to accept the words of Jesus regarding the mystery of the Eucharist? It is by far the most challenging belief in Christianity and was so even in Christ's day.

As described in the gospel of St. John
"many of His disciples left Jesus when He told the multitude that they would have to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood to have eternal life. Christ wanted to make sure that His own apostles believed in the Real Presence. That is why He asked them if they too, wanted to leave Him." But it was Peter who gave the correct answer. "He told Jesus that the apostles also did not comprehend this mystery, but they relied on Christ's words because they believed that Jesus is the living God who can neither deceive or be deceived." Fr John A. Hardon, S.J. Catechism on the Real Presence.

Christianity needs the authority of Christ's Church because as demonstrated in the last 500 years-- left to itself the human mind goes wild in it's interpretation of God's word. This is seen in the fact that
"Martin Luther who had been a priest for fifteen years, broke with the Catholic Church on October 31, 1517. By the year 1600, there were over 200 Protestant interpretations of Christ's words, "this is my body ...this is my blood." ibid .

The wise words of the Saints prove the intense faith required to believe Jesus difficult words on the Eucharist:

St John Chrysostom warned the faithful about questioning the mysteries of the Eucharist:
"Let us submit to God in all things and not contradict him, even if what he says seems contrary to our reason and intellect; rather, let his words Read More...


I am thoroughly apprehensive and skeptical of all of the silly and nonsensical analyses being produced by the mainstream media about the Pope and his visit to America. On the one hand, there are the irrelevant and outdated lefties who claim that the Pope will be confronted with dissatisfied and disheartened Catholics who strive for woman priests, and who seek to be liberated from all the hard teachings involving birth control, divorce and remarriage, and all things orthodox. Then there are the half-informed, ill-informed or uninformed who attempt to weave earth shattering meaning into everything that Pope Benedict does or says. In the midst of all this, I came across an interesting article by Gerald R. McDermott, that asserts that the pope "may...find less Protestant hostility to Rome and the papacy than at any previous time in American history".

I believe this to be true despite the abysmal shape of American culture. Our world has shrunk due to the internet and globalization, and now faces problems and questions which are unprecedented historically, and often involve the very survival of civilization as we know it. The world needs a voice to counter the lies of the culture of death and the religion of death--Islam.

No single Protestant denomination --no matter how large, no matter how influential-- can match the voice and authority that the Pope possesses when he speaks. No Protestant denomination no matter how orthodox or conservative in their interpretation of scripture, can match the ability to identify and enunciate the Truth as that of the Catholic Church-- which has made it her business to seek and decipher God's truths for 2007 years. It is indeed the only voice remaining in the wilderness that possesses the full truth and delivers it in all of its unpopularity. This is of course no accident since the Catholic Church is the only Church that possesses Jesus Himself --in the Eucharist.

From In America, "[t]he Protestant market share is shrinking Read More...