Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The silence from the left is deafening regarding the dangers posed the new vaccine Gardasil which is meant to stop the spread of the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV). This vaccine is manufactured by Merck and has been mandated by many states in order for girls as young as 11 to enter the public school system.

According to an article in

"Since Gardasil’s approval last year, there have been reports which have cited 11 deaths and adverse events which range from Guillan-Barre syndrome, Bells Palsy, seizures and fainting. The vaccine has also been linked to blood clotting and heart problems.

Also, out of 42 pregnant women who received the vaccine, 18 had complications that ranged from fetal abnormalities to miscarriages."

A pharmaceutical investor summed up up the vaccine:
"[A]n estimated 10 – 12 million girls and young women are being vaccinated for an illness that is not considered an epidemic is a dangerous premise. He said there are approximately 15,000 to 30,000 cases of cervical cancer in the US, and if caught early it’s almost always curable. He asked, ”It’s not a great vaccine and so all of a sudden you throw deaths in the mix, is the risk reward all that good?”

"Dr Abby Lippman, professor of epidemiology at McGill University, noted HPV is neither an emergency nor a crisis, and as a consequence advises against the ”mass vaccination” situation that has arisen.

"She asked, ”Why can’t we take some time to realize its benefits and harms before we immunize school girls? Before we have a public health crisis, policies should be decided on harder data when we don’t have a crisis to deal with.”

Where are the feminists to defend women's bodies against the pumping of potentially deadly chemicals into young girls? They are silent --because their priority is maintaining free and uninhibited sex for women-- and for that no price is too high.

Another recent article reveals that
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The suicide rate among young girls, aged 10 to 14, rose 76 percent from 2003 to 2004.

Health officials are puzzled by the increase and are watching to see if it is a trend or just a "blip."

Puzzled? Girls have been duped by our culture to think that fornication is empowering and fulfilling. They get this message in schools, from the sex obsessed media, and from their peers. Once these vulnerable girls engage in this soul-destroying act they experience a taste of hell on earth. The most precious gift that God has bestowed on women is frittered away and the girl is left feeling empty and used. Our creator made our sexuality for marriage and procreation--and when this is not respected sexual suicide results.

Fr John Hardon S.J. stated: "Sexual suicide is the pollution of a culture by false ideas and misused technology. The result has been an erosion of true love and family life that reduces sex to a form of sexual massage... How perverted American society has become. [W]oman’s maternal sexuality is diminished, reducing Read More...