Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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Meet Reverend Death, aka Reverend George Exoo, who is a homosexual, libertarian minister in the Unitarian church. After getting into trouble with the law for assisting the depressed to their deaths he has vowed to become a martyr for the culture of death. This is an excellent story that exposes the demonic underbelly of the right-to die movement, and as you will see even the pro-right-to-die reporter became disturbed by the euthanasia movement and Reverend Death.

Excerpts from the
Guardian: "Reverend George Exoo is a leading figure in the right-to-die movement. He says he has helped 102 people to commit suicide. But, reports Jon Ronson, most of his clients were not terminally ill, just depressed and in need of psychiatric help.

"In January 2002 it was reported on the Irish news that a woman's body had been found in a rented house in Donnybrook, Dublin. Her name was Rosemary Toole and, police said, she had been suffering from depression. Her suicide would probably have gone unreported were it not for the fact that she'd been spotted at Dublin airport a day earlier, picking up two jolly-seeming Americans at arrivals. The three of them were then seen drinking Jack Daniels and coke at the Atlantic Coast Hotel in County Mayo. At one point - other drinkers later testified to the police - Toole stood up to go to the toilet and did a jig at the table. The next day she was


Luxembourg was once almost a 100% Catholic Nation but is now the third EU nation to approve euthanasia. One by one Catholic nations are succumbing to the culture of death and rejecting their Catholic heritage. Radical individualism has replaced the notion that every human life has value and has the potential to become a vessel of God's grace. How different the world would be if the leadership of the Church had taken an active role in condemning the predominant culture and teaching the truths of the faith over the last half century.

This reminds me of an interesting e-mail I received from
Marshall who is considering the priesthood:

“It [the Third Secret] has nothing to do with Gorbachev. The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against apostasy in the Church.” ... Cardinal Oddi, quoted March 17, 1990, in the journal Il Sabato

“In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”
... Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, Pope John Paul II's personal papal theologian, quoted in the journal Catholic, March 2002

Well it began at the top and now we are witnessing the destructive effects at the bottom.

AFP) — Luxembourg lawmakers have adopted a bill legalising euthanasia, priming the Grand Read More...


An Australian obstetrician and professor of medicine has called for a "baby levy" under which families that have more than two children would be fined $5,000 upon the birth of a third child and $800 annually in the form of a carbon tax.

Dr Barry NJ Walters, recently wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia: "[S]howering financial booty on new mothers" rewards "greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour" and that Australia deserved no more population concessions than India or China. Each child born should be offset by planting 4ha of trees".

In response Cardinal Pell stated: "I am not sure what is more extraordinary, that an obstetrician could hold such a view or that a leading medical journal could publish such a view, but either way, this is a striking illustration of where a minority neo-pagan, anti-human mentality, wants to take us...If we have learned anything from the atrocities of the last century, it is that wide-scale attacks upon human life and dignity stem from reductive understandings of the human person."

Australian Family Association spokeswoman Angela Conway also condemned Walters saying babies don't cause global warming. "I think self-important professors with silly ideas should have to pay carbon tax for all the hot air they create. There's masses of evidence to say that child-rich families have much lower resource consumption per head than other styles of households."


A good movie is a rare thing in our day. But I can recommend Bella as a quality Catholic film through and through. It is a rare thing today when the main character is truly a hero, does not challenge your notions of right and wrong, and yet remains interesting.  The main character does not compromise his beliefs in the least bit. He is an inspiring and exemplary man in every respect. The story itself reveals how men can counter the culture of death and the lies of feminism by being truthful, honest and self-sacrificing gentlemen.

This movie also renewed my gratefulness for the infusion of Catholicism into our culture from immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.  So many in America condemn their growing presence but they bring with them a deep unadulterated faith. This movie is a product of that faith.  There are so few modern movies that we can enjoy today--go and enjoy this one before it disappears from the theaters.


The leftist culture of death seems to be prevailing over life and the Church in Mexico City. On Tuesday Congress voted unanimously in favor of a bill enabling terminally ill patients to renounce every form of medical care to prolong life.

As reported by
Zenit earlier this year, the legislation originally stipulated "that there will be juridical protection for doctors willing to permit death to occur by withholding basic necessities, such as food and water".

This is only the latest challenge to life in the capital of the world's second-largest Roman Catholic nation. In April Mexico City voted to legalize abortion. Mexico City has also led the way in legitimizing homosexuality in Latin Read More...


“Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.” St Francis of Assisi

Italy--the land with one of the most graying populations in the world--is attempting to kick its 30-somethings out of their parent's homes in order to boost the birth rate. With nearly two-thirds of 30-34 year olds still living at home it seems the country could use a modern day St Francis to rescue it from apostasy and contraceptive driven suicidal sex.

"We want the bamboccioni to move out," Finance Minister Tommaso Padoa Schioppa recently said, using a term that evokes grown babies still attached to mamma's apron strings."

"Now Italy's center-left government is proposing a ¤999 ($1,431) yearly tax credit on rents for people ages 20 to 30, hoping that will encourage young adults to start living on their own and start a family. But experts say the measure, though encouraging, is not enough to undo cultural and economic factors keeping young men and women at home."

"The problem," says Alessandro Rosina, who teaches demography at Catholic University in Milan, "is not just that Italy's birthrate of 1.3 is one of the lowest in Europe, but that is has been stable at that level for too long."

"Young Italians have found a new formula for la dolce vita," writes journalist Beppe Severgnini on his popular blog, "Italians.""

Why would the average Italian 30 year-old leave the nest for a life of sacrifice and committment to one person? It certainly will not happen due to tax credits. Going from momma's apron strings to the government's does not transform boys into men and girls into women. Rather it is only through a return to the Faith and ultimately God's grace that will make man who has been accustomed to living for self, and self alone, awaken to the dire demographic predicament that a once Catholic nation now finds itself in. Nothing on earth --including secularism and socialism -- can match the tranformative powers that Christianity has on men and even nations. Thus only a return to the Faith will prompt the young Italians to take on the role of men and women and fathers and mothers.
Excerpts taken from
Christian Science Monitor.


Magdi Allam is a muslim, but no ordinary Muslim--he is a staunch opponent of the Islamization of Europe. He is an Egyptian born columnist and vice-director of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading daily newspaper. He has become Italy’s most prominent critic of Islam and his views have become highly regarded in more conservative Catholic circles.

Allam's mother sent him to a Catholic boarding school in Egypt, where he began studying Western culture and civilization. He later immigated to Italy.

He has supported a ban against building new mosques in Italy and has sought to expose underground relationships between Italian mosques and international terrorist groups. His writings and opinions have led to numerous death threats and have necessitated him to be under constant guard.

But as recently as 2002 Allam was espousing a more liberal mindset that Islam is compatible with democracy and pluralism. But in recent years Allam has had a change of mind and heart that is reflected in his latest book entitled,
"Long Live Israel - From the Ideology of Death to the Civilization of Life: My Story", in it Allam argues that Israel represents a culture of life, while Islam’s represents a culture of death.

In a recent interview with an Israeli news agency, Allam was asked about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His response:
“I hope that someday Israel will capture Ahmadinejad and force him to live the rest of his life Read More...