Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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The face of Europe is changing one nation at a time. Germany has been in the news lately: Islamist from Germany declares 'holy war' ; German Police Conduct Nationwide Raids on Suspected Islamists; Germany: Police search homes for illegal 'jihadist' material

From FOCUS: In 2004 a prominent Muslim scholar, Bassam Tibi, predicted a future for Germany that many decried as provocative nonsense at the time:

"In ten years, Tibi said, Germany will be the scene of large running battles between police and gangs of marginalized Muslim youth, bringing cities like Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt to the brink of chaos. This will be the inevitable result, according to him, of a trend that is already visible. Muslims are not interested in integration. They are, in fact, obligated not to integrate by the radical Islamic ideology dominant in their communities, and live increasingly segregated in parallel societies. The main difference between 2004 and 2014, Tibi believed, would be that the highly marginalized Muslim population would have more than doubled to 10 million, sharia would have been gradually introduced in Germany and the Islam preached there would be even more radical and resemble Nazi totalitarianism."

According to a recent study of young Muslim attitudes by the German interior ministry-- 44 percent of German Read More...


Historically and traditionally a woman got married and raised her children. Now thanks to feminism and socialism a woman leaves her picturesque village in search of career and fortune. But even when the woman finds her fortune and her handsome prince in the city she still is not ready to embark on motherhood due to the brainwashing she has undergone at the hands of feminists and socialists. Even cash incentives, and free daycare can't tear her away from her government subsidized packet of birth control pills. The only thing which could bring back the deadened maternal instinct in the West is the rebirth of Catholicism--which is the lone voice in the wilderness that condemns artificial birth control and truly reveres the God-given role of women in society.

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GUARDIAN: "Martin Schiller has a problem familiar to many 17-year-old boys: not enough girls. Schiller's difficulties, however, are not of his making. Nature has not been kind to him. Not in terms of his looks, but his birthplace.

"For his home town of Königstein, a cluster of red-roofed traditional buildings tucked in a picturesque bend of the Elbe river beneath a giant 700-year-old castle, has recently been revealed to have the biggest demographic imbalance of anywhere in Europe between young men and women.

"On Saturday nights, there is a party at Königstein's youth club. 'We have to get the girls to come from Pirna,' says Schiller, referring to the nearest major town, 10 miles distant. Or even, he says, from Dresden, a 40-minute drive away across the rolling, wooded, depopulated Saxon countryside.

"The reason for the imbalance, he adds, is simple: 'The job opportunities


The birthrate in Germany fell again in 2006 to an average of 1.33 children, giving the country one of Europe's lowest birthrates, the national statistics' office said on Monday.

EARTHTIMES: "Germany's birth rate is sinking despite many years of tax breaks for parents and plans to expand kindergartens to help working parents, statistics released Monday show. Last year's tally of live births in the nation of 80 million was 672,700, a drop from the previous year by 13,100, the Federal Statistics Office said in Wiesbaden."

"That is the average number of children that would be born to a woman between ages 15 and 49 if she followed the current behaviour in that age group. The rate declined from 1.34 last year.

"The German government has voiced concern over the low birth rate, but opinion remains divided in Germany about how to encourage more births or if it is even possible to alter the birth rate by any government policy.

"Germany has a long-standing tax rebate for children and education is free. The government has agreed to expand kindergarten provision, which would help families where both parents work."