Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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I saw Ben Stein's "Expelled" documentary this weekend. It was a terrific movie. It truthfully and honestly confronts the "scientific" community's bias toward Darwinism and the willful suppression of the possibility of the existence of an intelligent designer. The movie made me very sad for the gullability of so much of humankind when grace is lacking and one is immersed in sin. Souls today are under the spell of principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places. They are lead like sheep away from God and into the abyss, all the while believing that they possess superior understanding and intelligence. It is the modern day replay of the seduction of Adam and Eve with the promise that man will be like God.

Interestingly, Darwin himself was baptised an Anglican but was greatly influenced by his mother's Unitarianism. As he became immersed in his theory of evolution he lost his faith entirely.

"Expelled" masterfully outlines large scientific gaps in the theory of evolution, and documents multiple examples of the "scientific" community closing ranks behind any who dare hypothesize "intelligent design" as a possible theoretical course of inquiry. The film documents the scientific community's rabid fear of anything that could remotely remind one of Creationism, even when many intelligent design proponents have no religious designs or biases in examining the failure of Darwinism to scientifically explain elements such as the beginning of carbon-based life and random mutation.

Darwinism, like all errors, has and continues to bring about the destruction of Civilization. As Ben Stein's movie points out, the Nazis were big fans of Darwin and exterminated millions of "undesirables" in their eugenics program. There is no dispute even among Darwinists that abortion and euthanasia are more readily accepted by those who believe that man is a mere accident of nature rather than a creation of God.

Needless to say the prophetic day has arrived when
"people [do] not endure sound doctrine but having itching ears accordance with their own desires, accumulate teachers for themselves and...turn away their ears from the truth and stray off after fictions." 2 Timothy 4:3

I recommend this movie.


All sanity is beginning to depart from capitalistic nations that have lost the faith. There is nothing left to temper the greed that knows no bounds. This is evident with the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill which is before the U.K. government. This bill would permit scientists to create an embryo containing a mixture of animal and human genetic material for research. These psuedo-scientific progressives comfort themselves by making a vain and subjective inquiry into the subject of ethics--but everything they seek to undertake passes the "ethical" test. The truth is there are no ethical standards when God is removed from science and man is driven by greed which is idolatry. All that matters is that the end justifies the means.

Such thinking was condemned by St Paul:
"Let us not do evil so that good may come...because such behaviour will have its right punishment." (Romans 3:8). And was also condemned in Humanae Vitae: "It is never lawful, even for the gravest reasons, to do evil that good may come of it —in other words, to intend directly something which of its very nature contradicts the moral order, and which must therefore Read More...


A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign: and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. And he left them, and went away. Matt 16:4

The choices for American president are lamentable and our lack of leadership is a direct result of our wicked and adulterous culture. A culture that accepts and even promotes adultery, fornication, abortion and homosexuality as the norm cannot produce godly leaders. Instead we are left with those who disregard God's commands.

On the Democratic Ticket-- it is beyond me why a major percentage of the American electorate would be willing to re-admit the Clinton team back into the White House. And a team it would Read More...


Here is an incredible quote that sums up the struggle that Western Civilization faces if it is to survive. Once again, it is the Catholic Church that possesses the answers to the crisis of culture that we face. The Church is the only voice in the West that defends life and condemns artificial contraception. Anyone who fails to see the connection between contraception and the potentiality of Eurabia should examine their own participation in the culture of death--which inevitably blinds one to spiritual truths. The article is entitled "The Empty Manger" by John Zmirak. The entirety of this article is a must read--however for the sake of brevity I refer only to a portion of it. (H.T. to Brussels Journal):

"[T]he pansexual hedonists of the Netherlands are now in a panic over their nation’s Islamic future. Even the blasé Parisians have begun to wonder whether their nation’s bureaucratically atheist state is acid enough to dissolve the faith of burgeoning immigrants—before the Arabs outbreed, outvote, and expel the residual Frenchmen. The Germans who a generation ago worshiped their race as a pagan god now look on lackadaisically, and welcome the Turk into Europe. To read their children’s future, they may look to the fate of the Christians in Lebanon, or Kosovo —two other lands where the cradle has had its revenge.

"Any healthy creature or culture shows two signs of life: It reproduces itself, and it fights off


A good movie is a rare thing in our day. But I can recommend Bella as a quality Catholic film through and through. It is a rare thing today when the main character is truly a hero, does not challenge your notions of right and wrong, and yet remains interesting.  The main character does not compromise his beliefs in the least bit. He is an inspiring and exemplary man in every respect. The story itself reveals how men can counter the culture of death and the lies of feminism by being truthful, honest and self-sacrificing gentlemen.

This movie also renewed my gratefulness for the infusion of Catholicism into our culture from immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.  So many in America condemn their growing presence but they bring with them a deep unadulterated faith. This movie is a product of that faith.  There are so few modern movies that we can enjoy today--go and enjoy this one before it disappears from the theaters.


From Dailymail: "Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.

"The leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics suggested that fears over man-made emissions melting the ice caps and causing a wave of unprecedented disasters were nothing more than scare-mongering.

"The German-born Pontiff said that while some concerns may be valid it was vital that the international community based its policies on science rather than the dogma of the environmentalist movement."

"The 80-year-old Pope said the world needed to care for the environment but not to the point where the welfare of animals and plants was given a greater priority than that of mankind."

This comes on the heels of many environmentalists proclaiming the necessity of foregoing Read More...


The leftist culture of death seems to be prevailing over life and the Church in Mexico City. On Tuesday Congress voted unanimously in favor of a bill enabling terminally ill patients to renounce every form of medical care to prolong life.

As reported by
Zenit earlier this year, the legislation originally stipulated "that there will be juridical protection for doctors willing to permit death to occur by withholding basic necessities, such as food and water".

This is only the latest challenge to life in the capital of the world's second-largest Roman Catholic nation. In April Mexico City voted to legalize abortion. Mexico City has also led the way in legitimizing homosexuality in Latin Read More...


A recent "botched" abortion in Italy has shocked the nation and has provoked a serious look at "Eugenics Abortions" where abortion is used to weed out certain undesirable humans and characteristics.

From IOL: "A botched abortion in which a healthy twin foetus was terminated instead of its sibling with Down syndrome has reignited the abortion debate in Italy and raised allegations of eugenics.

"The abortion was performed on a 38-year-old woman in Milan in June, but news of its outcome has only recently become public. Doctors blamed the mistake on movement of the foetuses between the examination and the abortion.

Serious questions are now being raised about the increase of abortions for the Read More...