Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" Rev 6:10

Scotland has become more Roman Catholic than Protestant. Scotland's Roman Catholic congregations now outnumber the Church of Scotland for the first time since records began. This in a Nation that once hunted down priests for the crime of saying the Mass. Although it is certain that God will one day avenge the blood of the martyrs, it is nevertheless nice to see temporal justice.

From Scotland on Sunday: "Figures compiled by the independent group Christian Research reveal that in 2005 the number of Catholics who went to Mass surpassed those who attended Church of Scotland services."

"The change is due to the huge numbers of Catholic Polish immigrants who are boosting church attendance, raising numbers by some 50,000 people since the last time figures were published in 2002."

This calls to mind a wonderful outspoken Scottish martyr of the Reformation, John Ogilvie, who made it his mission to restore the Catholic Faith to Scotland.

He was born into a respected Calvinist family in Keith, Banffshire c. 1579. He was exposed to the religious controversies of his day and became impressed with the faith of the martyrs. He decided to become a Catholic


"My people perish from a lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

Are people worse today than those who lived in previous generations?

It has always been my strong inclination to answer this in the affirmative --until I came across the following quote:

"If the West has now reached the point of internal disintegration, it is not because the people at large are, in essence, worse than in former times (human nature does not change); it is because they have been led to believe in errors (such as the belief that one has the right to do as one pleases) by a minority of "intellectuals who have been allowed to disseminate freely their pernicious ideas." Yves Dupont.

When you look around at the West today--so many sins that pervade our modern world can be attributed to our embrace of error. Today, the errors of materialism, hedonism, and secularism, just to mention a few, have multiplied at a staggering rate. Things that were unspeakable a generation ago have become a source of pride for many. From the Protestant Deformation which twisted and continues to alter truth for the convenience of man, to the modernism that has destroyed the faith of so many Catholics. The minds of many in the once Christian West have become severely afflicted with errors against God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, and God's Grace.

The West is so steeped in error that it now finds truth itself to be intolerant and offensive. In fact most believe that tolerance,
not truth, leads to freedom. But true liberty and freedom only derive from truth, which by its very nature is intolerant of error--and so must we also be.

How many souls are lost due to the prevalence of error?

Fr John Hardon, S. J. addressed this when he stated: 'virtually all of the Fathers of the Church agreed that ‘most of those living in any age will be lost’.

We must pray and offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God for the eradication of error and for holy priests who will fight with courage and vigor against the errors of our times.


I am thoroughly apprehensive and skeptical of all of the silly and nonsensical analyses being produced by the mainstream media about the Pope and his visit to America. On the one hand, there are the irrelevant and outdated lefties who claim that the Pope will be confronted with dissatisfied and disheartened Catholics who strive for woman priests, and who seek to be liberated from all the hard teachings involving birth control, divorce and remarriage, and all things orthodox. Then there are the half-informed, ill-informed or uninformed who attempt to weave earth shattering meaning into everything that Pope Benedict does or says. In the midst of all this, I came across an interesting article by Gerald R. McDermott, that asserts that the pope "may...find less Protestant hostility to Rome and the papacy than at any previous time in American history".

I believe this to be true despite the abysmal shape of American culture. Our world has shrunk due to the internet and globalization, and now faces problems and questions which are unprecedented historically, and often involve the very survival of civilization as we know it. The world needs a voice to counter the lies of the culture of death and the religion of death--Islam.

No single Protestant denomination --no matter how large, no matter how influential-- can match the voice and authority that the Pope possesses when he speaks. No Protestant denomination no matter how orthodox or conservative in their interpretation of scripture, can match the ability to identify and enunciate the Truth as that of the Catholic Church-- which has made it her business to seek and decipher God's truths for 2007 years. It is indeed the only voice remaining in the wilderness that possesses the full truth and delivers it in all of its unpopularity. This is of course no accident since the Catholic Church is the only Church that possesses Jesus Himself --in the Eucharist.

From In America, "[t]he Protestant market share is shrinking Read More...


"The divisibility of the Church is the cardinal document of Anglicanism, and its most fundamental heresy." Abbott Chapman (20th cent)

According to a recent study conducted by the U.N., two-thirds of British citizenry claim no religious affiliation. The 23-page report by a special rapporteur of the U.N. claims that the 2001 census which found that nearly 72 per cent of the population is Christian is no longer accurate.

Excerpts from
TIMESONLINE: "The report calls for the disestablishment of the Church of England. It says that the role and privileges of the Church do not reflect “the religious demography of the country and the rising proportion of other Christian denominations”.

"The report says that there is an “overall respect for human rights and their value” but it gives warning of discrimination against Muslims.

"Citing research that 80 per cent of Muslims in Britain feel that they have been discriminated against, the report singles out the Terrorism Act 2000 for particular criticism. Under the Act police in some areas can stop and search people without having to show reasonable suspicion.

The report’s author also criticises terms in the Terrorism Act 2006 for being “overly broad and vaguely worded”.

Certainly, if a church is founded upon the notion that Christ's Church can be divided, then this same church therefore becomes subject to division, disestablishment and even elimination itself. The curse of the Reformation may well be the Islamization of Britain.

"And so the stage is set for the chastisement which the prophecies say will be very severe for England." Catholic Prophesy, Yves Dupont.


Here is an interesting quote from an astute self-described atheist on Rowan Williams' capitulation to the inevitable introduction of sharia law in Britain ...

From Simon Heffer at the Telegraph: "The archbishop seems to imagine that sharia law's adoption could be confined to matters such as financial transactions and divorce.

"But why should it stop there? Indeed, how could it?

"The Church of England has long dined à la carte from the menu of Christian doctrine. The Ten Commandments have become mostly optional. Homosexuality, divorce and abortion are demanded as rights by certain sections of the Anglican communion, and no prelate seems to dare to contradict them. The Church has brought itself into contempt by acting in this way. Now, though, perhaps Dr Williams imagines Muslims will dine à la carte from the Koran. He must be mad.

"A man in his position should defend our way of life and, above all, defend the unity of our society. That unity is already fragile: and this disgraceful act of appeasement, as well as showing the archbishop is unfit to occupy St Augustine's Throne, threatens to shatter it. If the Church of England has any point, it is to stand up for the prevalence of English and Christian values."

The Reformation did away with unity of peoples and certainly Christianity. Now we have non-believers clamoring for unity and Christian values but perpetually dividing Protestantism will only fail civilization.


This is where the loss of faith and apostasy has led the West-- to capitulation by so called Christians to the enemy of Jesus Christ. False charity, false ecumenism, and false Christianity bring about weak men who collude with Satan to accomplish the ruin of civilization and ultimately Christianity.

As a civilization we are reaping the fruit of the Reformation which was a rejection of authority and and an embrace of relativism and indifference to truth. Every man now lives by his own contrived truth--no
one religion possesses truth, and there is no unified voice to stand for truth and against the tyranny of secularism and Islam. Instead there are ineffective and self-deprecating leaders like Rowan Williams who embrace, celebrate and are even willing to adopt the beliefs of those that seek the destruction of their very nation and church (and ironically would delight in beheading Williams and any homosexual clergy). When the Bride of Christ is divorced and the "life" which Christ promised to those who consume His flesh is absent-- then Sharia law is an inevitability. And the stench of weakness, capitulation and appeasement will only incite further demands from Islam in its pursuit of domination. (Thanks to Roger in New Zealand)

From the
BBC: "The Archbishop of Canterbury says the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable".

"Dr Rowan Williams told Radio 4's World at One that the UK has to "face up to the fact" that some of its citizens do not relate to the British legal system.

"Dr Williams argues that adopting parts of Islamic Sharia law would help maintain social cohesion."

Social cohesion? Rather than seek social cohesion and transform our beliefs and civilization to Islam we should seek the conversion of Islam to Christianity. Read More...


So many "Christians" have come to hold the view that it does not matter what one believes but rather that one is simply sincere and a "good person". But without a firm creed and an authority established by God Himself one is open to compromise with the world, the devil, and the flesh. Surely Christ will not abide with those who compromise and strip His word of all hard teachings--we must either accept or reject Him, we are either for or against Him.  Compromise is incompatible with a firm faith that Christ is God, whose word is true and whose promises are as sure as God is sure.  

Protestantism's rejection of authority has scattered souls by forcing them to fend for themselves to determine what the essential revealed truths of Christ are. Instead of confidently grasping hold of truth, Protestant Christians must agree to differ as to what truth God intended to reveal. Without the confidence that can only be found when authority is recognized, Protestants are inexorably driven to compromise due to the eternally endless divisions. How ironic it is that "bible believing" "sola scriptura" Christians are on the whole more unsure of truth and the requirements of salvation than prior to the Reformation. As a result Christians have never been so lax, and so lacking in faith.

Many Protestants have come to reject the ten commandments and even baptism as necessary


I will be on vacation until January 15. I will, however, be updating the Real Clear News sidebar while I am away.

We are all witnessing the growing persecution of the Church in what were once Christian nations. These nations are slowly taking on a fascist character that seeks to stamp out religion and religious expression. In Canada a so-called human rights commission is in hot pursuit of truth teller Mark Steyn for Islamophobia and Catholic Insight Magazine for homophobia. In Spain a Protestant is being investigated by the government for attempting to "cure" homosexuality while a Catholic cleric is likewise being investigated for comments that are seen as offending homosexuals.

The pace at which religious hatred is growing is alarming. But this was all prophesied by good and holy men and women throughout the centuries. They all hauntingly repeat that a great chastisement will occur due to the loss of the Faith. The Catholic Church in particular will have much to suffer. Islam is predicted to be used as one instrument of chastisement. But the enemies of Christ


Michael Voris is on fire with the faith and is making waves in Detroit and all around the nation. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and a former news anchor with CBS. He gave up his career in television to spread the One True Faith far and wide.

I am personally tired of hearing so many protestants claim that they have a personal relationship with Jesus while denying his words in the Gospel of John chapter 6. There is nothing closer or more personal than eating the flesh of the Son of God who fills us with His life so that we can live with Him eternally.

We need more modern day missionaries like Michael Voris and friends to re-convert Western Civilization and bring it back to Jesus Christ in the most personal way known to man.


More people attend mass in Britain than attend the Church of England. Roman Catholics have now become the dominant religion. The established State Church of England could therefore become a minority religion.

With statements such as the one made this past week by Rowan Williams, the leader of the Church of England, that Christmas is merely a legend-- is there any wonder why the death of this church is near? When the leaders of a church have lost their faith in the word of God, and invite homosexual leadership into its ranks --death is inevitable.

Telegraph: "This means that the established Church has lost its place as the nation's most popular Christian denomination after more than four centuries of unrivalled influence following the Reformation.

"The statistics show that attendance at Anglican Sunday services has dropped by 20 per cent since


"Riches are acquired only at the expense of pain and labor; they are preserved only by care and anxiety; and they are never lost without bitter vexation and grief.  But worse than this, they are rarely accumulated without offence against God...". The Sinner's  Guide, Venerable Louis of Granada.  

Why has the celebration of the birth of Christ been adulterated to such an extent that we act as if we are deserving of so much more materially than He had on His day of birth?

Christ "so loved poverty that He chose for His mother not a rich and powerful queen, but a poor and humble Virgin.  He willed to be born, not in a palace, but in a bleak stable, the manger of which, covered with a little straw, was His only couch." The Sinner's Guide, Venerable Louis of Granada.    

The Pope also recently cautioned the world about materialism: Too many children are growing up in a world saturated with
"false models of happiness" and being lured by unscrupulous adults into the "dead-end street of consumerism".

Where did it all go wrong?  The West's wealth


A recent article focusing on the return to tradition in all religions appeared in
U.S. News and World Report. It seems that it is not just Catholicism that is returning to tradition-- every major religion is undergoing "a return to tradition and orthodoxy, to past practices, observances, and customary ways of worshiping".

One could have guessed that this would eventually take place since the last 50 years have seen Christianity stripped of all mystery tradition and even orthodoxy. From Catholicism, to the store front inner city Baptist church, to the mega churches that resemble stadiums, we see a "Starbucks effect" where Christianity has became homogenized. The focus has been on feelings and emotions of congregants rather than the sacrifice of Jesus.

But the generation that ushered in the fad of barren and individualistic Christianity is aging and its rebellion against tradition seems like nothing more than an ugly trend to the younger generations. This elderly generation however will not concede loss quietly...

"Some liberal Catholic clergy are completely skeptical about the scope and meaning of the traditionalist turn. "It's more hype than reality," says the Rev. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and political scientist at Georgetown's Woodstock Theological Center. Reese thinks the church should focus less on the Latin


The town of Wittenberg Germany where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church has undergone enormous changes including what some may call the curse of atheism. From chicagotribune:

"The wooden doors of Castle Church were long ago replaced by ones made of bronze, but what comes as a far greater disappointment to Protestant pilgrims, especially those from America, is that only about 15 percent of Wittenberg's inhabitants identify themselves as Christian.

"Most of the others proudly celebrate their atheism.

"We knew that Christianity had taken a hit during communist times, but to come here, to the land of Luther, and to find so many people outside the church, yes, it was a surprise," admitted Stephen Godsall-Myers, a Lutheran pastor from Pennsylvania.

"The situation is even starker when the pilgrims make their way to the town of Eisleben, Luther's birthplace. There, only 8 percent of the population calls itself Christian.

"What theologians and academics describe as the de-Christianization of Europe began more than a century ago, but in eastern Germany the process was greatly accelerated under the communist rule of the former German Democratic Republic."

Yes, Germany suffered through the devastation of communism--but this cannot account for the domination and speed with which atheism has spread in the historical heart of the Reformation and throughout the entire continent. What Germany suffers from is de-Christianization brought on by the Reformation. It is indeed the Reformation itself that has led to the devastation of faith and the growth Read More...


"A federation of Christians is inconceivable in which each member retains his own opinions and private judgment in matters of faith.
Pope Pius XI.

From Independent Catholic News via Michael Kelly, Deputy Editor The Irish Catholic: "Three Church of Ireland parishes have asked to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church The Irish Catholic newspaper reports this week.

The parishes, in counties Down, Tyrone and Laois are members of the 'traditional rite' within the Church of Ireland.

The Irish Catholic newspaper, has learnt that the members of these parishes, along with traditional Anglicans from twelve other countries, have signed a letter to the Vatican seeking "full, corporate, sacramental union" with the Catholic Church under the authority of the Pope. The dramatic move would see the entire parish communities received in to the Catholic Church.

While only a few hundred Anglicans



It seems that so many popular protestant pastors are eventually undone by the love of money, sex and power. Rather than living a life of poverty, chastity and obedience-- which are the evangelical virtues of the religious life, they are caught up in the wordly opposites. When men are placed on pedestals rather than Christ, and when "worship" becomes merely good preaching and pop-style hymns then this kind of corruption is the inevitable result.

"Twenty years ago, televangelist Oral Roberts said he was reading a spy novel when God appeared to him and told him to raise $8 million for Roberts' university, or else he would be "called home."

Now, his son, Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts, is facing lurid allegations in a lawsuit that threatens to engulf the 44-year-old University in scandal.

"Richard Roberts is accused of illegal involvement in a local political campaign and lavish spending at donors' expense, including numerous home remodeling projects, use of the university jet for his daughter's senior trip to Read More...


If one's mission is to maintain unity and avoid "schism" over homosexuality, why would Rowan Williams hold a clandestine communion service for gay clergy and their partners? The only explanation is extreme arrogance or a fatal failure of judgment or both.

From Timesonline: Dr Williams will celebrate the eucharist at St Peter’s, Eaton Square – the Church of England parish that is known as the spiritual home to some of the country’s most liberal and wealthy Anglican elite. There he will give an address titled “Present realities and future possibilities for lesbians and gay men in the Church”.

How about the present reality and real possibility that one's church is on the brink of having no future at all due to an unbiblical and anti-Christian embrace of homosexuality?

The event has been organised under Chatham House rules, which prevent any disclosure of the discussions. The event will take place at 10am on November 29. A list of the names of those who will be present will be seen only by Dr Williams. It will be shredded afterwards.

The disclosure of the event could not have come at a time more likely to destabilise


"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths." 2 Timothy 4:3

Randy and Paula White are a husband wife team of pastors who attracted tens of thousands to Without Walls International Church--a 22,000 member mega-church.  The White's built their multi-million dollar evangelical empire by offering what they called "the perfect church, for those who aren't." 

"[T]he perfect church for those who aren't" message catapulted Paula White to international stardom as a televangelist and author.

But at Thursday night's service, they announced plans to end their 18-year marriage.

Both have been divorced