Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

Culture, Christianity, Catholic Dogma & The Death Of The West

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If I could shout this from the mountain tops --I would. Relativism is so pervasive in the West--it has even penetrated good and holy people who have become uncertain and even afraid to assert the existence of truth and condemn lies and false religions. Truth is not subjective--nor is it up to man to decide what is true and what is false. Truth exists outside of man and despite man's assent or acquiescence to it.

The dissolution and rejection of absolute truth is precisely due to the disunity of Christianity and the creation of personal religion. Over the last 500+ years we have accepted the notion that everyone is free to create their own version of Christ, Christianity and ultimately their own truth. As a result we now as a culture, lack standing to condemn those who personally and sincerely believe they possess the fullness of truth but in reality lack Christ who is truth. To condemn personal religion and thereby false religion would amount to a condemnation of what the West itself has become.

Recent Catholic convert, Magdi Allam, recently asserted that it is relativism that has caused the growth of Islam in the West. Excerpts from (
CNA).- "Magdi Allam, warned this week that Islam is growing as a result of the ideology of relativism that pervades the West and claims that there are many truths instead of one unique Truth.

In an article published by the magazine Mundo Cristiano and quoted by Analisis Digital, Allam


Here is an interesting quote from an astute self-described atheist on Rowan Williams' capitulation to the inevitable introduction of sharia law in Britain ...

From Simon Heffer at the Telegraph: "The archbishop seems to imagine that sharia law's adoption could be confined to matters such as financial transactions and divorce.

"But why should it stop there? Indeed, how could it?

"The Church of England has long dined à la carte from the menu of Christian doctrine. The Ten Commandments have become mostly optional. Homosexuality, divorce and abortion are demanded as rights by certain sections of the Anglican communion, and no prelate seems to dare to contradict them. The Church has brought itself into contempt by acting in this way. Now, though, perhaps Dr Williams imagines Muslims will dine à la carte from the Koran. He must be mad.

"A man in his position should defend our way of life and, above all, defend the unity of our society. That unity is already fragile: and this disgraceful act of appeasement, as well as showing the archbishop is unfit to occupy St Augustine's Throne, threatens to shatter it. If the Church of England has any point, it is to stand up for the prevalence of English and Christian values."

The Reformation did away with unity of peoples and certainly Christianity. Now we have non-believers clamoring for unity and Christian values but perpetually dividing Protestantism will only fail civilization.


Where sin abounds grace does more abound. Romans 5:20.

While the world grapples with the depths of sin and darkness, God is pouring His grace upon the earth to restore and transform His Church. It is the only thing that is capable of transforming the world from a death seeking suicidal culture to one that reveres light, life and truth. The last 50 years have seen the Bride of Christ beaten down by scandals, divisions, and disobedience-- leaving her often-times beyond recognition. But the tide
has turned. The truth in all its splendor is irresistable in dark days. And the truth contained in the Latin Mass will be a beacon in the world where nothing remains sacred and everything is empty and mundane.

ZENIT recently conducted an interview with David Hartline, author of "The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism".

"Instead of turning away from the faith and embracing the relativism of society, more and more youths are actually embracing the teachings of the Church, says Catholic author David Hartline."

"Many have asked me since the release of my book earlier this year if this tide of good news will continue or if it just a temporary cause for joy.

"The answer is that this tide continues to gather strength. Good news is abounding in the Church."

"When the young gravitated toward Pope John Paul II," said Hartline, "many skeptics said this was only temporary. When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pontiff, many said the young would leave.

"However, just


The town of Wittenberg Germany where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church has undergone enormous changes including what some may call the curse of atheism. From chicagotribune:

"The wooden doors of Castle Church were long ago replaced by ones made of bronze, but what comes as a far greater disappointment to Protestant pilgrims, especially those from America, is that only about 15 percent of Wittenberg's inhabitants identify themselves as Christian.

"Most of the others proudly celebrate their atheism.

"We knew that Christianity had taken a hit during communist times, but to come here, to the land of Luther, and to find so many people outside the church, yes, it was a surprise," admitted Stephen Godsall-Myers, a Lutheran pastor from Pennsylvania.

"The situation is even starker when the pilgrims make their way to the town of Eisleben, Luther's birthplace. There, only 8 percent of the population calls itself Christian.

"What theologians and academics describe as the de-Christianization of Europe began more than a century ago, but in eastern Germany the process was greatly accelerated under the communist rule of the former German Democratic Republic."

Yes, Germany suffered through the devastation of communism--but this cannot account for the domination and speed with which atheism has spread in the historical heart of the Reformation and throughout the entire continent. What Germany suffers from is de-Christianization brought on by the Reformation. It is indeed the Reformation itself that has led to the devastation of faith and the growth Read More...


Dutch Politician and outspoken critic of the islamization of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, recently stated in an interview: "Cultural relativism just makes me sick. You know the kind of thing: everyone is welcome; we'll be one big melting pot of cultures. It gives me goose bumps when I hear the prime minister talking that way. Of course, we shouldn't imitate everything in a culture we ourselves criticise. Just try walking down the street with a Bible in Saudi Arabia or calling yourself a Christian in Iran."

As to his promotion of the idea of banning the Koran--"I do make a distinction between people and religion. I think Islam is a terrible religion but I have nothing against people who act according to our laws and our values and that's not possible with that book [Koran] in your hand."

The rest of the very interesting and contentious interview can be found Here